How to work out the timescale between 2 planets.

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How to work out the timescale between 2 planets.

The purpose of finding out the timescale between two planets, is used in Horary Astrology and helps us determine how long before a certain event will occur, (or has the chance of occurring).

How do I perform the calculation?

Ok, so you can roughly work out the timing of events in Horary using this technique. Say you cast a Horary Chart and you are going for a job. The Job is the ruler of the 10th house and you are the ruler of the 1st house.

  • Ruler of 1st: Venus in Virgo at 21’57” degrees.
  • Ruler of 10th: Jupiter in Scorpio at 23’45” degress.

As you can see, there is an aspect between the 2 rulers, an applying aspect, because Venus is faster than Jupiter. Therefore we say that YOU (venus) is moving towards the JOB (jupiter). If you take both degrees and find the difference between the 2 degrees, you can find the time period. This means, 23’45” (subtract) 21’57” = 1’48”. Which means you will get the job in a timescale of 1’48”.
This timescale depends on the nature of the question and the houses involved.

If the question is about “Will he/she text me?” We use Minutes/Hours/Days.
If the question is about “Will I get the job?” –> We use Days/Weeks/Months.

So then if the company say “we will get back to you next week”, then you know it is just over one week until you get the job! 1’48” can be calculated into weeks or days. First subtract ‘1’, to make it 0’48”, because we know that it is 1 week. So then we need to find out how many days 0’48” is. We do 48 divide 60, which is 0.8. Then we do 0.8 multiply 7 (7 days in 1 week) and we get 5.6 days.

Therefore, we can say that… You will get contacted in about 12.5 days!

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