Welcome to Love Light Astrology

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Hello everyone!

Welcome to Love & Light Astrology! (or Love Light Astrology)

This is my first post on the blog, it shall be a fun ride! Love Light Astrology is aimed at getting everyone astro-ready so you can use astrology in your day to day affairs and uncover those hidden secrets that everyone else ignores. Get an unfair advantage!

This blog will contain posts about all the planets, the zodiac signs, the 12 houses and aspects between planets. So stay tuned so you can follow along and learn the wonders of astrology!

Check out my main website here, for details about current events and situations in the future. Known as “astrology in the real world”.

A picture of the universe, containing the stars! This is what Love Light Astrology will look like once you learn about astrology.

Hope to see you all soon

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