The Sign and The Houses.

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Hi everyone!

I’m going to be going through a series of introducing astrology, all the way from beginner level, up to intermediate with some advanced/expert level astrology stuff. Everything is from my own knowledge, so please tell me if i’ve made a mistake!

Continuing where we left off, I introduced the 12 beloved zodiac signs last time. Remember, each sign has 3 distinst traits; a duality, a tripiclity and a quadruplicity.

Now I will be introducing the 12 houses.

Every single person in the world has 12 astrological houses in their natal chart. It doesn’t matter if say, their 1st house starts at 5 degrees 34 minutes at Leo and finishes at 27 degrees 00 minutes at Leo. They will still have 12 houses; all just different sizes.

The 12 houses can be linked to each sign of the zodiac, it’s like giving each sign a number from 1 to 12.

Aries = 1, Taurus = 2, Gemini = 3 … and Pisces = 12.


Aries rules the 1st house, Taurus rules the 2nd house, Gemini the 3rd and so on.

You can take each brief description of each sign and apply it to each house.


Aries is related to the physical appearance, the vitality of the individual.

Therefore, these traits are directly linked to one’s 1st house or Ascendant.

Here is a complete list:

  1. 1st house (ASC or Ascendant) – physical appearance, vitality and personality used to face the outside world.
  2. 2nd house – how money is earnt, your material goods, possible greed/excess and what you are like with possessions of yours.
  3. 3rd house – communication style, education (primary, secondary education) transportation methods, elder sibings.
  4. 4th house (IC or Imum Coeli) – the mother(can be the father!), your family, your ancestors, your home (both childhood home and home that you are going to setup in the future).
  5. 5th house – your children, expression type, gambling/luck, hobbies, your love affairs.
  6. 6th house – daily tasks, work ethic, general health, any illnesses, minor obligations and even pets!
  7. 7th house (DSC or Descendant) – potential spouse, outlook of other people, enemies, perception of others.
  8. 8th house – sexuality, birth and death (not just physical!), potential transformations, inheritance from others, deep passions, occultism.
  9. 9th house – higher education (university/college), long distance travel, spirituality and philsophical beliefs, law and legality.
  10. 10th house (MC or Midheaven) – social status, professional career, the father(or the mother), potential fame, ambitions and relations with general public.
  11. 11th house – humanitarian projects, friends, clubs and societies, nature of friends, group activities.
  12. 12th house – possible serious illnesses, confinements to hospitals, prisons etc, places of solitude.

So, now we have identified:

  • What sign rules each house.
  • What each house means to a individual.

Now we can look at the importance of each house to an individual.


There are 3 types of houses. Angular, Succedent, and Cadent. These are known as accentuations.

So, each house can be assigned an accentuation. It’s quite similar to assigning a modality to each sign.

  • Angular houses are the most important houses, they symbolise dynamicism, ambition and how we assert ourselves.
  • Succendant houses are the houses that SUCCEED the angular houses, they are important, but aren’t as pivotal as the angular houses. They offer us stability in certain areas of life.
  • Cadent houses are the houses which PRECEED the angular houses, they are the least important (meaning least impacting) in comparision to the other 2 types. They offer us flexibility and mobility.

Each house is paired with a accentuation, depending on which sign rules that house. For example.

  1. Aries(Cardinal) – ruler of 1st house – Angular house.

Aries is a cardinal sign and is the ruler of the 1st house (Ascendant), it is they most important and influencial house of any individual. Therefore it is an ANGULAR house. Angular meaning one of the 4 angles in the chart which can define the core values of a person.

So, here is a complete list of houses with accentuations, you may notice a pattern!

  1. Aries(Cardinal) – ruler of 1st house – Angular house.
  2. Taurus(Fixed) – ruler of 2nd house – Succedant house.
  3. Gemini(Mutable) – ruler of 3rd house – Cadent house.
  4. Cancer(Cardinal) – ruler of 4th house – Angular house.
  5. Leo(Fixed) – ruler of 5th house – Succedant house.
  6. Virgo(Mutable) – ruler of 6th house – Cadent house.
  7. Libra(Cardinal) – ruler of 7th house – Angular house.
  8. Scorpio(Fixed) – ruler of 8th house – Succedant house.
  9. Sagittarius(Mutable) – ruler of 9th house – Cadent house.
  10. Capricorn(Cardinal) – ruler of 10th house – Angular house.
  11. Aquarius(Fixed) – ruler of 11th house – Succedant house.
  12. Pisces(Mutable) – ruler of 12th house – Cadent house.

As you can see, each house:

  • Has a ruling sign. This sign has a modality. The modality leads to an accentuation.

The characteristics of each accentuation are similar to their respective modality.

In summary all of posts:

We have covered so far:

  • Introduction to each sign.
  • What each sign has as characteristics. (These explanations are brief and sometimes cliche. They are generally true, but an individual is NEVER summed up by one sign, they are a complex of many characteristics of each sign, meshed together. That’s what makes us unique!)
  • The 3 attributes that each sign has. (Element, Charge and Modality).
  • Introduction to each house.
  • Which sign rules which house.
  • Which accentuation goes with which house.

Any questions? Contact me.

Have a good day! 🙂


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