The 12 signs

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Here is a brief description about each sign in the zodiac. After assigning 3 distinct traits to each sign, i’ve now added a brief description about what each sign is about.

  • Aries – Aries is the traditional ruler of the 1st house (regardless of your Ascendant, which we will look at later), Aries is generally determined individuals who have a fire in their belly. They want action. They can sometimes be rash and impulsive, doing childish or naive things, but this is because they desire it so badly, they do whatever they can to get it. They are fighters (Some, that is!) and will fight by your side. Be careful though, some can be very opinionated and obnoxious.
  • Taurus – Taurus is the traditional ruler of the 2nd house. Taurus is quite the opposite of Aries; in which they are more cautious and practical. They wait to make a decision until it’s absolute rock solid, but then it will remain rock solid for a long time. A Taurean influence on an individual can make them pretty sensual too, this means they exhibit through their senses as opposed to their heart or mind. They can also be very dependable, you can rely on them. Some Taurean influenced individuals can be very possessive also, this applies to both objects and people.
  • Gemini – Gemini is the traditional ruler of the 3rd house. Gemini is one of the best talkers of the zodiac. They love to expose themselves to people, getting mental stimulation from others, talking about anything and everything. Their mind accelerates pretty fast. However, be careful! As Gemini loves to chat, they can be prone to gossiping alot! Procrastination is sometimes common amongst Gemini influenced people, as they want something which is exciting and fun to do.
  • Cancer – Cancer is the traditional ruler of the 4th house. Cancer influenced people are likely to have a high emotional nature. They can be very gentle, kind and intuitive individuals, sometimes absorbing feelings in their surroundings. Cancer is very open-minded and will talk to anyone about any subject, which is very positive, as it allows everything to be out in the open. Although Cancer likes to build a lovely house and have a close family; they can be moody at times, and their moods are put upon those who are closest to them.
  • Leo – Leo is the traditional ruler of the 5th house. Leo influenced individuals are very majestic beings. They take pride in what they do and give everything wholeheartedly. Some are very charismatic, some are magnanimous; some are both! Sometimes Leo’s can be quite arrogant, forceful and confrontational, so there must be something troubling them if this is the case! They may be a tyrant too, but this can lead to both positive and negative outcomes.
  • Virgo – Virgo is the traditional ruler of the 6th house. Virgo influenced individuals are analytical, disciplined and organised. Because of their analytical mind, they can be their own worst critic or they can be very critical of those around them. Some strive for perfectionism! They love to work on things you find fascinating and can set very high stands of work. Due to the organisational mind of a Virgo or Virgo influence, They can be inflexible and when things don’t match the plan, they can get very critical or and snappy.
  • Libra – Libra is the traditional ruler of the 7th house. Libra influences can make a person very sociable, friendly and intellectual. Communicating is a strength! They are very nice people and generally behave well around everyone, but they can suffer problems such as indecisiveness, which (the scales!) is why they must way up all the options before a decision is made. They can be very artistic too! Sometimes, however the ‘nice guy’ can be bad and tell white lies, just so everything remains harmonious, so be careful!
  • Scorpio – Scorpio is the traditional ruler of the 8th house. Scorpio influences can make the native very determined, magnetic and even sexy! They give 100% in everything and expect the same back from everyone around them. Although they can be extremely jealous at times, they want to know your true feelings as they are very emotional beings, but it’s covered by a cool exterior.  Be careful, as some are ruthless, and this can lead to danger. It’s all or nothing!
  • Sagittarius – Sagittarius is the traditional ruler of the 9th house. Sagittarius influences can be very beneficial. Generally people with these traits are jovial, ambitious and lucky (more often than others), they can be philsophical too! However, they can be gamblers and make bad decisions, purely because they are free-spirited. They can also have cocky attitudes and think they are Mr or Mrs big shot. But nevertheless, Sagittarius influence can provide good times for all.
  • Capricorn – Capricorn is the traditional ruler of the 10th house. Cappy influences can make an individual very down-to-earth, traditionalist and hard-working. Although they many not be seen as enthusatic (perhaps like Leo or Sagittarius) they are really are! Sometimes they can be seen as boring, moody and money-driven; but they are very dedicated to their area of interest. They don’t cut corners and are willing to roll their sleeves up. They want a decent career, but more than just that!
  • Aquarius – Aquarius is the traditional ruler of the 11th house. You are unique! Aquarius influences make people to be revolutionary, self-directed and borderline eccentric. No-one can tell them how to live, it needs to be their way and a different way. People can be surprised by your methodologies, leading you to make friends very easily. Some find it hard to maintain friendships or relationships, because they can’t keep up with the evolving character of Aquarius. Rigid opinions can their downfall, along with being less trigger-happy with thoughts.
  • Pisces – Pisces is the traditional ruler of the 12th house. Pisces influences can make the individual very sensitive, selfless and caring. They unconditional love and show compassion to all. Due to the high emotional nature, they can absorb feelings pretty easily, but too many bad feels can drag them down. They can sometimes have difficulty making hard decisions, which can result to bad or negative outcomes. However, they can make great artists, poets or writers through their imagination.

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