Natal Planets in Houses – 9th House

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Welcome to the first universal house of your natal chart. The 9th house! This house is also known as a transpersonal house, because it doesn’t explain how you come across, or your hobbies; it is more focussed on your philosophies, how you look after yourself and your purpose in the world.

Some key points of the 9th house:

  • How you look after yourself in the world.
  • Philosophies or methods of doing tasks.
  • Desires for travelling, learning and experiences.
  • Religious beliefs.

When you have a planet or planets sitting in the 9th house, it colours our desires for a 9th house experience.

Sun in the 9th house – Your desire to travel and experience the many wonders of the world is high. The problem is that these isn’t always feasible 100% of the time, so you’ll dream or long for an opportunity to arise. But if one does… by Jove will you take it. You are not afraid of voicing your own opinion and you enjoy strong debates with other people. You are also confident talking to anyone from any walk of life, so your desire for experiencing different cultures is also very high. You may be involved in public speaking or teaching of some kind.

Moon in the 9th house – You love to travel. With the Moon in the 9th house, it is likely travel to different countries is preferred over short distance travel. There is an inner craving for exploring. The cravings get so bad sometimes that you would rather escape the generic routine and go experience life to the maximum, living and experience different countries and cultures. You enjoy exchanging stories and ideas with other people, especially with those who grew up somewhere completely different to yourself. However, you might be fixed in your own opinions and ideals because they have been with you for so long.

NB: I read somewhere that people with their Moon in the 9th house would make good government officials, lawyers and university lecturers. But I’ll let that up to you to decide whether you believe this or not.

Mercury in the 9th house – Mercury located here can make you a very knowledge person. You are likely to have a number of opinions about specific topics but these opinions are more factual based as opposed to how you feel or what your heart says. You love to learn about the world and how things work. Mercury here is likely to make you a good talker too.

Venus in the 9th house – You have an amicable and accepting standard towards those from different cultures or backgrounds. You have an appreciation or beauty for art which comes from foreign lands, and the same applies to philosophies too. You desire to travel to different countries with the possibility of finding romance too. Of course this stereotype doesn’t ring true for everyone, but if it doesn’t mean romance, it may mean having a love for a country because of its culture instead of loving the personality of people from that country.

Mars in the 9th house – The will of Mars in your 9th house means you show great passion and guts when stating or defending your opinions and beliefs. If someone is to challenge you, you sometimes get competitive even argumentative because it must be right. Sometimes your Martian energy is best used in a teaching profession, because you can passionately show your knowledge and teaching others in something you love. Guard against getting worked up over trivial or inconsequential matters, because people will always have different ways of dealing with them. Contacts with the military are possible with this placement, but again this is up for debate.

Jupiter in the 9th house – Jupiter is strong here because it is in its own house. There is a chance that you can very passionate borderline overzealous in your opinions. Confidence is high and you need a way of expressing your views. Again, you can become a public speaker, professor or judge because you are available to express your opinion and views. Travel is also favoured because you want to explore new places and enjoy going on adventures. You have fun!

Saturn in the 9th house – With your Saturn in the 9th, you have difficulty accepting different methods and philosophies to what you learnt from a young age. You might deep down not like travelling to foreign lands or find it uncomfortable at least. Don’t worry, this can be overcome. Sometimes you believe what you learn first is the only way, but if you manage to accept new ways; you can become a lot better! If you feel stuck in life, it is likely that you are unwilling to accept a new way. Saturn in the 9th can make you a very knowledge individual and you can become an expert in your profession, leading you to teach other people.

Uranus in the 9th house – Uranus here can make you rather rebellious. You don’t want to follow the rules; you want to be free to do things your way. You might view people who don’t change their beliefs “narrow-minded” and that you think you are much better, but again this isn’t always the case. If you find people are open minded in your view, you are very spontaneous with them. The possibly is that you’ll want to explore just like most the other planets in houses want to. Uranus has the unique ability to never stop searching for an answer to an idea either.

Neptune in the 9th house – Neptune in your 9th house makes you very open to different methods, ideas and philosophies. You don’t judge other cultures, instead you respect them. You are more likely to learn through experiencing different events than through the traditional learn methods. Neptune can make you dreamy, hence try to guard against being used in negative ways due to your non-judgemental nature.

Pluto in the 9th house – Sheer passion and willpower arises with Pluto located in the 9th house. The ideals you learn from a young age are likely to transform as you get older, due to Pluto’s transformative nature. Pluto makes you very tight about your views and you will defend them to the bitter end. You are likely to have 1 or 2 narrow focuses on different subjects but you will put everything into them to learn all about them and become experts in those fields. It is very difficult to persuade you to change your way of thinking.

The 9th house is a very curious house indeed and those of you who have planets there, make sure you try to feed your soul and experience the world in a unique way. Stay positive and open minded.

Thanks for reading!

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