Natal Planets in Houses – 8th House

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Welcome to the 8th house. I will be your tour guide on this journey through one of the deepest, most complex houses you’ll find in your natal chart.

What is the 8th house about?

  • Inheritance of possessions/money through family
  • Taxes
  • Shared resources with at least one other person.
  • Sex (How you’ll give yourself, satisfaction etc).
  • Death (Death is neigh-on impossible to determine WHEN it will happen, however your natal chart can give clues as to HOW you could die.)
  • Intimate relations, unlike the 7th house, the 8th house is where the relationship is set in stone and the passion/intensity begins!
  • Rebirth, possibly one of the most important aspects is that the 8th house allows you to transform yourself into a much better person, but this is only achieved by forcing yourself to get rid of your weakness and improving them.

Sun in the 8th house – You have an unconscious drive to get involved in relationships, which they can sometimes be very deep and complex. You need to guard against giving absolutely everything into these relationships, because it is likely you could suffer great pain from not getting the return you want. You are a very passionate person, but unfortunately not everyone is the same in mind-set. Ultimately, you need to grow on your own. It is unhealthy to think you’ll grow with relationships purely; this will only hinder you. Freedom will arise from you growing on your own and once ready, you be able to commit yourself deeply to a partner whilst shining in your own right.

Moon in the 8th house – Who gives more? Who cares more? The Moon located here can lead to a lot of unanswered questions about who is more committed in your relationships with others. You prefer to have a couple of serious intimate relations because the passions run deep. Guard against getting obsessive because you might try to craft your life around a partner, when it should be the opposite. The biggest learning curve here is independence or self-sufficiency, so you don’t need others to help you with everything. You are very sensitive, but don’t always know how to express your emotions, so you end up carrying a lot of weight around with you. Look at your Moon sign to see how you express your emotions and then look to find where Mercury is too. These can help you determine the best way to release!

Mercury in the 8th house – Deep means shallow here. Your Mercury located here can help lighten the intensity of the 8th house, allowing you to express your deepest emotions in a rational manner. Mercury prevents you getting lost in the complex, and even allows dismissal of anything felt which is unnecessary. Mercury helps you sort through your feelings and prioritise them; prevent pain and suffering from nature of the 8th house. An interest in Astrology or Psychology can develop here!

Venus in 8th house – Like Mercury, Venus brings its own finesse to the 8th house, allowing you get all the positive benefits from the 8th house. You are very good at handling equality in relationships and enjoy them without letting them become a burden. You accept challenges of the 8th house easily because you understand their inevitability. You don’t expect much from other people because you know that everyone doesn’t have the same levels of passion.

Mars in 8th house – Mars located here can feel stifled. You want things and want them now, leading to frustration. But why? You want to satisfy your own needs but figure out why when someone else challenges you. You have difficulty just letting things go, because you don’t understand why you need to let it go. “it’s mine!” Guard against getting into arguments over petty things, because this is very childish, use that passion for something much greater. Use it for something which you have 100% control over.

Jupiter in 8th house – Gain, gain, gain. Jupiter located in your 8th house can allow you inherit a lot of items from people, because the natural generous nature of Jupiter seems to find its way back to you. Jupiter prevents you from selfishness and refuses you to bow to anyone’s desires. You have a great outlook on life too. The intensity of the 8th house doesn’t faze you.

Saturn in 8th house – Some suggest Saturn located here is an indication of a long life. But these doesn’t always mean a long life of happiness. Saturn’s learns are not learnt by all very quickly. This means you could go into your relations with a negative attitude, putting great pressure on yourself. You don’t stop worrying about losing the other person which can lead to a bad relationship because you don’t understand when you need to break an unhealthy relationship. In contrast you might feel your partner is not committed enough. Inheritance is often delayed for the native because of one simple reason. YOU CANNOT CONTROL EVERYTHING! Loosen your grip on everything, including people, possessions etc. Trust me, you’ll feel so much happier.

Uranus in 8th house – With Uranus in the 8th house, you need to guard against obliviousness. Uranus can have its lightning bolt effect and suddenly, WOAH WHAT JUST HAPPENED??? Because Uranus is always seeking a higher cause of freedom, you sometimes don’t concentrate on the here and now. You don’t like the depth of the 8th house with Uranus here. You need to find a balance between detachment and intimacy, but this can only be achieved by releasing your desire to always be free.

Neptune in 8th house – Neptune here can be a difficult aspect, because you don’t set any boundaries. The natural rules of the 8th house are giving and taking, but because Neptune doesn’t see things crystal clear, it cannot see these boundaries. This means you keep giving and don’t expect to receive. However, with Neptune in 8th house, you can read between the lines easily. So you do understand when an imbalance has occurred. But you need to strike a balance between giving and taking.

Pluto in 8th house – Pluto located in the 8th house can be the ultimate challenge. Although Pluto here is in its own house, it is tested like none other. For the native, letting go of issues is the biggest challenge. You struggle with over seriousness and refusing to open up because of your fear of getting hurt. If you try to have many power-struggles with people, they will just leave. You also don’t seem to understand when to STOP, even after situations have ended. Let it go seriously, you’ll feel much better. Letting go can be found by using that near obsessive drive onto something you love doing. Distraction and then slowly you’ll come to realise your decision.

The 8th house is not an easy house to conquer, so all of us are at different rates of mastering our own 8th house, but hopefully this post has given an insight into how the 8th house works and how you can master it!


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