Natal Planets in Houses – 7th House

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Hello everyone!

Welcome to the 7th house, also known as the Descendant house. While the 1st house is about YOU, the way you come across when people meet you and physical self; the 7th house is the kind of people you attract into your life (more specifically the sign on the cusp of your 7th house, it’s ruling planet, house placement of this planet and further aspects). It is also the way you are in relationships and partnerships with other people. One on One situations too. How you are treated by others is defined by the 7th house.

Sun in 7th house –> You crave relationships! Your 7th house Sun needs all kinds of relationships to allow you to see your own self-expression, which can help you grow. You may have honed great diplomacy skills with this placement. You know how to deal with people, and even get what you want with people. You can be fickle when choosing a partner because you believe you deserve a decent person to be in partnership with and also the fact that a new relationship is a new way to see your true self. More positively, you can make a great contribution to the world if these skills are handled well.

Moon in 7th house –> Relationships give you some sort of emotional stability. By being in a relationship, you feel a lot more comfortable which boosts your self-esteem. You need to guard against the ability to move from one relationship to another. (Yes, fickleness is possible like the Sun in 7th). This happens if your own needs are not met. Positively, the Moon placement here allows you to serve others well and give great advice via counselling. Partnerships are part of an unconscious drive of yours.

Mercury in 7th house –> Mercury’s influence in the 7th house gives you a more detached feeling attitude towards partnerships compared to other planets. You tend to analyse your relations more and talk about problems instead of fight or lash out. Sometimes you’ll talk too much about it!! You love a good conversation and playing mental games with others, so you are likely to attract these types of people.

Venus in 7th house –> Pleasure and joy through relations. You prefer relations of gentle touch, tender quality instead of emotion. Sometimes you get caught up in idealizing the best in people, ignoring the worst which can be problematic later on. You give a lot and expect a lot back, but due to your diplomatic skills you are likely to get this return. Your negotiation skills are definitely on point with this placement. Expect Venusian people to be in your life.

Mars in 7th house –> Mars placement here can be rather problematic if not handled correctly. Unlike Venus, Mars uses its desires and will wherever it is placed, and if this is in your 7th house, you’ll exert these traits through your partnerships. Do your best to control your aggression and develop patience, because aggressiveness will drive people away. You need and expect everyone to be on the same page too. Fire!!! The passion runs deep, so don’t let it consume you or others.

Jupiter in 7th house –> Positivity and enthusiasm are thrusted on you if you have Jupiter located in 7th. Freedom is mighty important to you here. You don’t seem to get as committed as other planets would do, you make your own schedule and stick to it. This can help somewhat because it will help filter out people who don’t respect your values. But your desire for freedom can quash good relationships so make sure compromises are found. Multiple marriages in your life are possible and good fortune is accentuated here.

Saturn in 7th house –> A very serious attitude is taken with Saturn, which is possibly how you’ll feel about relationships. You’ll filter out bad, non-progressive relationships, in turn for a small number which are strong and solid. Sometimes the energy manifested on you in a way which makes you think any relationship can lead to a failure and it is all your fault, so you become afraid to take a risk. This is only a self-conscious fear, because you need to have failures in order to grow and mature. Older individuals are seen as appealing to you. As time goes by, you are likely to understand your previous fears and eventually overcome them. You attract those that are very serious about life.

Uranus in 7th house –> Uranus in your 7th house gives you the belief that everyone desires their own freedom, and you stick by this philosophy in relationships. You give your partner total freedom, no boundaries etc. You will hate to abide by their boundaries and will break free if your freedom is halted. You don’t want to be controlled. You don’t do emotional dramas or power struggles and these will only fuel your desire to break free. You need people who offer freedom of flexibility.

Neptune in 7th house –> Cloudy and distorted feelings can make your relationships confusing. Unless your Neptune has a good old Saturn aspect, Neptune can have unrealistic expectations of relations and bad communication is possible. What Neptune can offer you is great compassion and unconditional love in partnerships, but they can be sacrificial or one-sided. Love is your fuel, not work. You want someone who shows real emotion, hence you attract people who have these similar views.

Pluto in 7th house –> There is an intensity that is present in your relationships. You always feel as if you need to be one step ahead of your partner until you actually learn to trust them completely. You put people through a theoretical screening process to check if they fit the bill, or YOUR bill. You then probe the person and they get a tick if the response is good. It is all about power distribution with Pluto, if they don’t hold the power, they will want to seize all of it. This is because of their emotional desires and the power gives them joy. Positively, Pluto is all about passion, so once committed they will never lack passion.

Each house planet along with cusp sign colours the people you attract. Remember, to consider all parts, because one solitary placement will not dictate the whole result.

  • Aries DSC or Mars in 7th –> Arian/Martian people.
  • Taurus/Libra DSC or Venus in 7th –> Taurean/Libran/Venusian people.
  • Gemini/Virgo DSC or Mercury in 7th –> Gemini/Virgoan/Mercurial people.
  • Cancer DSC or Moon in 7th –> Cancerian/Lunar people.
  • Leo DSC or Sun in 7th –> Leo/Solar people.
  • Scorpio DSC or Pluto in 7th –> Scorpion/Plutonian people.
  • Sagittarius DSC or Jupiter in 7th –> Sagittarian/Jovial people.
  • Capricorn DSC or Saturn in 7th –> Capricornian/Saturnian people.
  • Aquarius DSC or Uranus in 7th –> Aquarian/Uranian people.
  • Pisces DSC or Neptune in 7th –> Piscean/Neptunian people.

You can only have one cusp, but if you have more than 1 planet in your 7th house, make sure you read all necessary descriptions and see which is more relevant.

Until the next time. 🙂


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