Planets in Signs

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Now after covering the general basics of Astrology, you should have a good understanding of what astrology is about, what the planets, signs, aspects and houses all mean. If you don’t, go back and have a look! If you need further help, contact me!

Now, it’s time to cover the planets in signs.

Planets in Signs:

Each planet takes a certain amount of time to travel the whole zodiac. (This is all 360 degrees of the zodiac).

Here is a table which statements the approximate duration of each planet. The first column is duration the planet takes to travel through all 12 signs, and the second column is the duration of just 1 sign. (Ranked in terms of speed, fastest first).

  • Moon – 29.5 days || 2.5 days.
  • Mercury – 1 year(approx) || 14-30 days.
  • Venus – 1 year(approx) || 23-60 days.
  • Sun – 1 year || 30 days.
  • Mars – 2 years || 1.5 months.
  • Jupiter – 12 years || 1 year.
  • Saturn – 29.5 years || 2.5 years.
  • Uranus – 84 years || 7 years.
  • Neptune – 165 years || 14 years.
  • Pluto – 248 years || 14-30 years.

As you can see, the planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto take a long time to travel the whole zodiac! They cover whole generations and affect the environment, governments and world affairs etc.

Now, when each planet travels through all signs; some signs it feels comfortable in, others the complete opposite.

  • Sun –> The Sun feels happiest when it’s placed in the sign of Leo. When in Leo, the Sun is in ‘Domicile’, meaning it’s strongest sign or own sign.
  • Moon –> Moon is in Domicile when in the sign of Cancer.
  • Mercury –> Mercury is in Domicile in Gemini and Virgo…

I’ll just create a table for you!

Planet — Domicile — Exalted — Detriment — Fall

Sun — Leo — Aries — Aquarius — Libra

Moon — Cancer — Taurus — Capricorn — Scorpio

Mercury — Gemini/Virgo — n/a — Sagittarius/Pisces — n/a

Venus — Taurus/Libra — Pisces — Scorpio/Aries — Virgo

Mars — Aries/Scorpio — Capricorn — Libra/Taurus — Cancer

Jupiter — Sagittarius/Pisces — Cancer — Virgo/Gemini – Capricorn

Saturn — Capricorn/Aquarius — Libra — Cancer/Leo — Aries

Uranus — Aquarius — Scorpio — Leo — Taurus

Neptune — Pisces — Leo — Virgo — Aquarius

Pluto — Scorpio — Aries — Taurus — Libra

First, find the planet you want to know about, say Venus. Then look across the Venus row, to see which signs Venus is at it’s best and it’s worst. If you have Venus in Taurus or Libra, you are reasonably fortunate as Venus feels at home in either of these signs. However, if Venus is in Virgo; then you might struggle to express the qualities of Venus to the max.

Here are the definitions of when the planet is in a certain sign:

  • Domicile –> It means when the planet is ‘at home’ or ‘it’s own sign’. The Planet tends to function very positively when it is at home, full expression of the planet and sign is highly likely.
  • Exalted –> Although the planet is no-longer at home, it can still function positively when in a certain sign. The sign is usually of a similar nature to the planet’s home sign.
  • Detriment –> When the planet is in a sign of detriment, the energy is weakened severely and often misused or has a negative influence. Therefore more action is required to overcome this blockage. The sign of Detriment is always the sign opposite the sign of Domicile. For example, Mars is domicile in Aries; so it’s in detriment in Libra.
  • Fall –> When a planet is in Fall, it loses significant strength and influence, meaning it is hard to express the qualities of the planet easily. When a planet is in a sign of Fall, it is opposite the sign of Exaltation. For example, Mars is Exalted in Capricorn, therefore it is in Fall in Cancer.

NOTICE: If you happen to have a planet in a sign of detriment/fall, don’t worry too much because you can overcome the energy, especially if the planet is well-aspected or even in mutual reception to another planet. (More on this later).

If the planet in question is not in any of the 4 different states above, then it is said to be in peregrine; i.e in a foreign sign. This means the energy is reasonable, but not too bad either.

That’s all for now, hope this helps you understand the basics better, see ya!

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