Natal Planets – Venus Aspects

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Venus!! Fantastic! Finally we are onto the planet of love, tastes and beauty.

Venus is about our love style, how we approach relationships and what we are like in them. Also our pleasures, ranging from food pleasures through to sexual pleasures. Our taste in music, favourite foods, just about anything like this quite frankly. When other planets aspect our natal Venus, they modify the expression of the planet, so traits of Venus are expressed in a way of the planet in question.

Venus-Mars: When Venus and Mars combine together, Venus gets a big dose of Martian energy. Venus is general rather tranquil and soft, easy pleasured; but when Mars comes to play, he starts to heat up Venus and Venus becomes an initiater instead of a receptor. Soft aspects indicate a easy flow of energy between Venus and Mars. The individual is likely to be warm-hearted and very accepting of people, the only real problem is momentum. Harsh aspects indicate someone who is likely to get people together (similar to a matchmaker) accept the only issue is compromising when in a relationship. (They might have unique views of relationships). But regardless of the aspect, you’ll always find a Venus-Mars person because of their warm-hearted and amicable approach to people. Use that Mars energy!

Venus-Jupiter: A benefic force! Venus and Jupiter combine to create good-will, a loving nature and sheer happiness with luck. People with this aspect are likely to be rather lucky in their affairs. This doesn’t mean they will get whoever they want when they desire, it just means they will have alot of contacts, meaning they have more chance of finding someone decent. The soft aspects indicate super harmony and tranquillity, they will generally lead a happy life, but they just need some pushing to use this luck! Harsh aspects are also equally great, but the individual needs to guard against excessiveness, wastefulness and brashness. Else use that Jupiter luck and turn it into something wonderful!

Venus-Saturn: Time. When Venus and Saturn combine together, the brakes are slammed on. Saturn is trying to slow down the effects of Venus and control them, almost remove them. Don’t let Saturn do this! He is trying to make you more mature in-love, but don’t allow him to consume you so you are expression-less. The soft aspects are easier to handle because the energy isn’t so restrictive. Saturn’s traits are fully integrated into the individuals Venus expression, so they will approach relationships with caution and patience which isn’t overly restrictive. They will be very loyal in all relationships in general. Harsh aspects can make people very loyal to their partners, but this loyalty extends even when their partner is not-loyal back. They can cling to bad relationships through fear of losing the partner they fell in-love with. Saturn is teaching a very important lesson of choosing your relationships more wisely otherwise you’ll be stuck with the wrong people/person. If you manage to overcome the harsh aspect, you’ll feel fantastic and Saturn will be at your side to help you in anyway possible. People with any Venus-Saturn aspect, use that loyalty, slow-burner and time to your advantage. Go on, i dare you 😉

Venus-Uranus: Zap! When Uranus hits Venus, Venus is electro-charged by Uranus. Venus who is usually calm, sweet and loving; is now charged with electricity and has a zaniness and unpredicibility about her. This means peoplewho this aspect will definitely not be boring or routine! They love change and will not settle unless they can have some flexibility. The soft aspects indicate the individual is not consumed by the Uranian energy but keeps a balance between Venus energy and Uranus energy, so they try and work together. Uranus will certainly make their love life interesting. The Harsh aspects mean the individual needs to control the impulse trigger of Uranus. You can alienate people if you are not careful, burn bridges in a flash and then regret them. Control! Pour this energy into a thrill-seeking adventure, such as going on a tour around the country; skydiving, rollercoasters, get your heart racing with your mind. Fast paced sports are good outlets too, such as football, tennis, hockey etc. Enjoy the energy, but do your best to control it.

Venus-Neptune: Fog. Neptune’s Fog meets Venus’s Beauty. Regardless of the aspect, Neptune will fog Venus into a dreamy state, thus making the individual dreamy in love, wearing a pair of rose-tinted glasses. Because Neptune is a highr octave of Venus, the Venusian traits are magnified, so the individual is more romantic and soulful than before. The soft aspects give the individual the ability to remove the glasses and see through the fog because the energy hasn’t swallowed up the person, but this is only if the person doesn’t fall for Neptune’s tactics. Under the influence of alcohol or drugs, Neptune’s Fog is applied back to the Individual. (Bad!) They will be deep, tender-hearted and dreamy too. Motivation may also be hard to find with this aspect, along with clear communication, so make sure you double check everything and find something you love doing! Harsh aspects indicate the energy needs to be rewired. Deception is a common issue here, you see some people as your idols, even if they are bad for you!! Don’t fall for it. Sometimes you see everyone as a possible partner. Not true either! Same applies to the harsh aspect, use Neptune’s energy to create something! artistic or poetic. Imagination is also stronger with the harsh aspect, along with musical ability.

Venus-Pluto: Intensity. Pluto’s Power meet’s Venus for a date. Pluto darkens Venus into an intense lover, who will want full possession of their lover if they can! Venus’s light, delicate approach is deepened by Pluto, so the individual expresses their Venus in an intense but passionate manner. Soft aspects indicate a strong lover who will stick by through thick and thin, Sexual activity is likely to run high! Pluto’s energy isn’t likely to consume the individual as intensely as a harsh aspect; but the individual needs to use the energy! Exercise is probably the most effective method, weight-training, martial arts or marathon running! The harsh aspect gives the user incredible intensity, but the intensity needs to be guided correctly. If not, the individual can get nasty and fast. Vengeful, obsessive and vindictive. The alternative possibility is the individual will attract intense people into their life. Be very aware! Love affairs can be difficult to control at first because both individuals want to be in charge or hold the power. You must learn to split the power evenly otherwise things can end very badly. Don’t let this happen!!

Good luck to you all! 🙂


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