Natal Planets – Uranus Aspects

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Liberation! Eccentricity! Originality!

Welcome to Uranus everyone, the planet where you can really invent wonderful ideas and collect buckets of enthusiasm along the way. Uranus is known to through caution into the wind, because of it’s erratic decisiveness. This means it will suddenly say ‘Right let’s get up and go’ when you are in the middle of a routine (For the good or bad). After you have complete Uranus’s task, he will not return you to when he collected you; you’ll be left in a different situation!

In the Natal Chart, Uranus can signify where we are likely to find originality; creativity and even where we are most likely to rebel. It’s effects aren’t likely to be overly dominant on you unless it aspects one or more of your personal planets (Especially Sun/Moon) OR it is conjunct an angle in your chart. (ASC/MC). Other aspects between Uranus and angles are important, but the conjunct seems to hold the most energy.

Uranus-Neptune: This aspect is more generational than personal. Uranus’s originality and inventiveness combines with the Neptunian dreams and idealism. This aspect is very creative! It is likely to spur you on to do something creative, whether in your spare time or as a full time profession. This includes arts (performing or stage crew), music (DJing, composing, playing instruments) or being a painter! The options are endless, but it’s the fact of using that imagination and inventiveness. On the other hand, you could be someone who is very humanitarian. You might enjoy helping people who need support etc, or you might join a charity and go and support children or people in different countries. The harsh aspects indicate a stronger desire to radicate these changes, where as the softer aspects prefer to use them creatively, as the energy is more passive. On the rare occasion, activists may emerge with this aspect, with the desire to have breakthrough change to opinions, values and beliefs of society. Social Reform. The old ways of doing things are stripped and a new age methodology is created and slowly integrated into society.

Uranus-Pluto: Again, this aspect is generational rather than personal. An aspect between Uranus and Pluto is more uncommon than Uranus-Neptune, but the aspect is more long-lasting due to the speed of the planets. Pluto is all about power and uncontrollable forces here, as well as companies, businesses and the government. You may try to promote radical change in the way the government goes about its business. This could be through introducing new policies or promoting change to old or outdated policies. If this pairing is aspected by personal planets or angles, you will feel the urge alot more than most individuals. You will feel like it’s some sort destiny to change something which already exists in the current world, or invent something that will change the lives of everyone on the planet. The soft aspects, indicate the energy is easier to handle and control; therefore you can easily promote change with your idea, but will it work? Harsh aspects are met with more resistance to change, people want to know why? What’s wrong with what we have?

I like to think of Uranus aspects to Neptune or Pluto as a Gold Nugget at the bottom of a mine. It’s sitting there waiting for you to collect it, but only individuals with Sun/Moon aspecting both planets or Angles (ASC/DSC or MC/IC) seem to have the tools required to lift the nugget out the ground. It seems fitting because Pluto rules underground, therefore caves and mining; Uranus rules modern-day technology. (Mars is machinery equipment.) Neptune could be the beauty of the gold being turned into something magnificent.

Hope this helps you fellow astrologers 🙂

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