Natal Planets – Sun aspects.

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Continuing from where I left off, it’s all good having a planet in the best sign possible (Such as Sun in Leo; Jupiter in Sagittarius) but what really makes things happen is the connection between one planet to another, regardless of the aspect.

We use the same aspects that I have previously listed (Conjunction, Sextile etc.) to identify the relationship between 2 planets.

This list will be pretty long so use CTRL+F to find a particular aspect.

Soft aspects –> Trine OR Sextile OR Semi-Sextile.

Harsh aspects –> Conjunct OR Square OR Opposition OR Semi-Square OR Sesquiquadrate OR Quincunx.

Sun aspects to…

Moon — Sun-Moon aspects can be very supportive and nurturing, but also can be quite harmful if not handled well. Soft aspects indicate basic ego and emotional desires and cravings are aligned and supportive. In Natal, your expression and emotions do not get the better of you and you are able to express your emotions clearly. Sun-Moon aspects denote your parents relationship at your birth; soft aspects signify they were in harmony at the time. Hard aspects can be more difficult to handle. You always need to find a way to balance the two planets as the energy can be out of sync. Harsh aspects can mean your parents situation was at odds or difficult parent relations. But you can find a way to overcome this problem!

Mercury — Ego and Mental Capacity combines. When Sun aspects Mercury, communication is vitally important. Due to the fact the Sun and Mercury are never too faraway from each other, the only aspects possible are Conjunction, Semi-Square and Semi-sextile. The Conjunction means the ego and mental mind are on the same page and the individual has the potential to be a great speaker of ideas. But this also means that they can’t see any other viewpoint, leading the individual to ignorance or arrogance. If they can overcome this blockage; then the capacity for communication or knowledge is very high. The Semi-sextile gives the individual a more creative outlook, so they may not be so good at speaking ideas, but they will be better at art, music, acting etc.

Venus – Sun-Venus aspects are very beneficial aspects to have. Again, like Mercury; Venus is never too far away from the Sun, so the Aspects are limited to Conjunction, Semi-Sextile and Semi-Square. The Conjunction is the most obvious, the individual’s tastes and aesthetics are aligned with self-expression and ego. Even if the Sun is in a more dry or hot sign (Capricorn, Aries, Leo), the aspect to Venus softens the ego and can make the individual more sensual and pleasant to be around. However, laziness or lack of drive can be an issue. This is because the individual is happy with what they do and won’t push too hard (Unless other aspects permit). Semi-Sextile makes for a more creative individual and Semi-Square can make the individual more driven to achieve goals.

Mars – Sun-Mars aspects are basic fundamental aspect to have to achieve anything in life, regardless of the aspect. Mars can provide the energy required to get going (Like putting fuel into a car) and the Sun will use this energy to express. Soft aspects between Sun-Mars indicate the energy is already present in the individual and use in a controlled manner which is good for tasks which require bursts of energy. Harsh aspects are harder to control, the individual is likely to get irritated easily and have a short temper. But what harsh aspects have over soft aspects is that there is a never-ending flame, how the fuse is handled is a different question; but if the individual can master the flame they can achieve more than ever, because the satisifaction of achievement will always evolve.

Jupiter – Sun-Jupiter aspects lead to the individual being generous, lucky, open-hearted; but also arrogant, self-absorbed and wasteful. Soft aspects denote someone who is positive and happy majority of the time and who can use their optimism to progress. They could be great at educational studies as Jupiter is related to education (Higher Education). Harsh aspects can indicate someone who needs to work for the optimism, luck etc. Jupiter can make the Sun over-exaggerate on certain aspects, so watch out! Eating too much food, spending too much money are all Jupiter related traits, more so with the harsh aspects than soft. Just remember, if you have the soft aspect; use the luck and optimism to progress; harsh aspect, work on using your resources more efficiently and you’ll soon see the results.

Saturn – Sun-Saturn aspects can make the individual well disciplined, hard-working and dedicated, but also can make someone full of setbacks, problematic and general bad luck. The soft aspects are much easier to grasp, they allow the individual to fully express the traits of Saturn in a constructive manner and use them in daily tasks. Harsh aspects can lead to problems with authority figures and fathers (Or lack of father), as well as being unable to get out of a rut. Saturn wants you to show true character, so all these challenges are for you to mature and be more responsible, it’s just with the harsh aspects they are harder to overcome, but when overcome you reap the rewards heavily!

Uranus – Sun-Uranus aspects give the individual an electrical charge to express! Uranus is all about doing something new and different, so people with Sun-Uranus are given a gift they need to use. The soft aspects indicate someone who has got Uranian urges under control, they can call upon Uranus for originality, sparks of brilliance and making a difference. They just need to find a way how to use these gifts, because they will not find a way to be used on it’s own and Uranus will make you regret it! Harsh aspects are harder to handle, because they cause the individual to be rebellious, or even uncontrollable at times. The desire for freedom and difference is stronger with the harsh aspect, so they will push harder than a person with the soft aspect, but the impulses can sometimes get the better of the individual! Use those electrical charges wisely!!

Neptune – Sun-Neptune aspects add idealism, dreaminess, and artistic ability to your personality. Neptune is all about dreams, ideal goals and creativeness as well as unrealistic expectations, addictions and hidden problems. When the Natal Sun aspects Natal Neptune softly, the problems with Neptune are present, but more visible to the individual so they can deal with them better. Also they can use the softness and kindness of Neptune in their expression and also the creativeness to do artistic things too. The harsh aspects can lead to someone who really enjoys having lots of dreams and goals, but may set unrealistic goals, the key here is to control the Neptunian urges and use them constructively. Additions, escapism and deception are all possible with Neptune.

Pluto – When Sun aspects Pluto, the only thing created is power. Pluto rules transformation, death and evolution. So when the Natal Sun aspects Pluto softly, you can become a strong force. Pluto will teach you the extremes of life and you will be expected to learn from these lessons and transform. The intensity of these transformations will not be as severe as the harsh aspects, but still the lessons will be integrated into your personality. The harsh aspects mean more control is required to handle the transformations of Pluto, otherwise the individual can turn spiteful, nasty and power hungry. The key here is to embrace Pluto’s changes and allow yourself to transform and become a better person. Sometimes Pluto’s lessons are harsh, but remember there is a reason for it!

I hope this helps, thanks for reading!

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