Natal Planets – Saturn Aspects

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Saturn! The great malefic. He will restrict, hold back and force you to follow a well structured plan to achieve a goal in life. No funny business, just plain, old and conservative. It’s only when you have completed Saturn’s task that he will support you for the greater good, and allow you to have fun by whatever means necessary! Saturn is also one of the slowest planets around, meaning his power is felt for a long period of his time, hence the fact that he whats you to have long term goals and use a constant, but stable amount of energy to achieve them.

Saturn-Uranus: The Restricted Rebel. When Saturn and Uranus combine together, independence meets restriction; tradition meets difference. These two planets are also complete opposites from each other, so it order to handle any aspect between these two planets you must try to please them both. Soft aspects indicate the energy has found a compromise, but needs to be used in order to function correctly. You could have great inventions or ideas that you would like to promote and show the world, Saturn can help you with this. Harsh aspects indicate a mismatch in energy and you are likely to suffer alot of setbacks if you don’t harness the energy of these two planets. Although these planets are classed as ‘outer’ or ‘generational’ planets, they still have an effect if they rule any of your angles. Regardless of the aspect, the best and most effective way to use this energy is by taking a Uranian idea (Technology, Scientific, Humanitarian etc) and creating a plan (Saturn) and then following this plan to achieve. This way both planets will be happy and the energy will be channeled into a well used.

Saturn-Neptune: The Ideal Realist. This aspect can be pretty beneficial to the individual in hand, providing the energy is used constructively. Neptune’s dreams and hope combine with Saturn’s realism and discipline, this aspect gives the individual the ability to turn their most deepest dreams into reality of some sort; success is another question, but it gives you a chance. The soft aspects indicate the person has no problem being pro-active with their dreams, and if Saturn-Neptune aspects their Sun or Moon, then they will thrive from living out their dreams. Saturn will de-fog the mist created by Neptune allowing the individual to clearly see what they desire and be realistic; Neptune provides Saturn with a softer touch, allowing the pessimistic nature of Saturn to be toned down. The Harsh aspects can give some problems with some individuals, sometimes Neptune is more dominant, sometimes Saturn is. This leads to the individual losing his or her way and ‘escaping’ because they find life too ‘hard’. Try to ignore this feeling of diffculty, it’s only because Saturn wants to teach you reality! On the other hand, Saturn might be dominant and the individual may be too pessimistic instead of realistic, or adopted Neptune’s bad character of deception. Remember, all harsh aspects are lessons you need to learn; and then control. Try to take a pinch of seasoning from both planets and then create the perfect flavouring by attempting to get the right flavour!

Saturn-Pluto: Power Control. Saturn and Pluto combine together to create one heck of a force. Determination and Passion meets Structure and Dedication, this is one gift of one aspect if you need to get something done. Saturn will force you to plan everything out and Pluto will give you a spade to keep going and going till you reach the end. The softer aspects have no problem including determination in their personality, they are able to call on this energy when required, giving them an easy ride because the energy isn’t so forceful. Just remember to take breaks, ok? Slow and steady is the best way here. The harsh aspects indicate energy is out of sync. With this aspect, the desire for power is present, even dominating! You might treat some people in harsh ways, because you feel you are more important than them; you are not more important! Also, why waste your energy on them, instead of trying to get further ahead by yourself. This aspect does indicate loneliness of some sort, so ride solo and climb the mountain by yourself. Running your own business or doing solo activities as a source of income is your best option; but making social contacts is vitally important for your well being. Tone down on the power and increase the motivation!

Hope this gives you all a better insight into the outer planets, stay tuned!

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