Natal Planets – Pluto!

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Do you feel it yet??? Welcome to Pluto everyone, the last planet in the line of Astrology. Pluto, unlike Mercury and Venus; does not understand ‘light’. Where Mercury and Venus can get away with light touches and sweet conversations; Pluto regards this is unimportant, even stupid and will want to get to the bottom of the conversation, or what is behind it and why.

I have covered all of the aspects containing Pluto in the previous posts; so if you would like to look for Pluto in aspect to a specific planet; please look for that planet and it’s respective aspects and then find Pluto!

Regardless of the planet in question; if it has any sort of connection to Pluto, you can expect some intensity focussed on that planet. Pluto can spur the individual onto achieve great things; if the individual embraces the Plutonian energy (And that is not an easy task!). It will be difficult at first, even with the soft aspects; simply because Pluto will want to know why? Why do you do that? You think people will start to think differently if you keep up this demanding nature; so try your best to contain it!

Pluto needs a goal, an objective to go for. Try to set your small goals to achieve, things that aren’t over-ambitious and Pluto will start to ‘reward’ you just like Saturn ‘rewards’; but the ‘rewards’ are much different. Pluto’s rewards are much more psychological than material. Pluto will push you out of your comfort zone and you’ll become a more rounded individual for taking on the extreme tasks Pluto forces you to achieve.

Pluto is the ruler of the underworld which is where all the waste goes. Pluto can help you clear out and get rid of anything which has expired. This includes friends, family, possessions etc. Detox-ing! Going through this process will allow to transform into a different but better person. I say good luck!

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