Natal Planets – Neptune Aspects

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Welcome to the fog! Neptune is the planet of imagination, dreams, ideals and hope! Get in touch if you need to escape reality for a while or need some imagination to create something or do something different. But please, only escape reality if you have deserved it or you are on holiday! 😉

Neptune-Pluto: This is the last generational aspect. An aspect between Neptune’s dreaminess and softness combines with Pluto’s forceful, but determined nature. Neptune has a hard job turning it’s ideas into practical applications, however Pluto can help Neptune here because of it’s naturally forceful nature to move forward. Neptune can inturn help Pluto become more softer than usual. Seeing as Pluto represents Government bodies, political figures, sex and taboo and Neptune on ideals, dreams, addiction etc, there is a possibility for you to have hopes and dreams of the world to become a better place. The soft aspects indicate someone who is spiritually aware of the entities which exist in everyday life. They might try to promote spiritual practices or new methods of completing tasks etc. You might even dream of creating utopia! The hard aspects have a more difficult time trying to reform social standards, as the mark of Neptune-Pluto is labeled on you by other generations of people. Personally, you might try and hide/repress your beliefs and feelings because you know they don’t conform to social standards. All Neptune-Pluto aspects need to guard against additions of alcohol, drugs, outdated beliefs, excessive beliefs, even sex (too much of one thing is never good!). This aspect can be very destructive if not handled carefully.

The energy of this aspect is likely to be subtle, unless it connects to your Sun/Moon or angles (ASC/MC/DSC/IC) in your chart.

Well that’s it for now, i’ll add a page on Pluto soon. I have covered all the aspects in order of their distance from the Sun (except for the Moon).

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