Natal Planets – Moon Aspects

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The Moon in the Natal Chart rules our emotions. It’s how we feel things, what we do when something bad or traumatic happens to us and also when something brilliant or marvellous happens! The sign which our Moon is in generally represents how we handle our emotional feelings. The Moon’s aspects to other planets indicate what we do with our emotional feelings.

Moon-Mercury –> An aspect between the Moon and Mercury would indicate someone who uses the rationale side of their brain to express their emotions. This can be done by talking to friends and family about how they feel or by doing a task which involves using their brain to overcome emotional feelings. (Such as a puzzle). Soft aspects between Moon and Mercury indicate someone who can operate both their emotional and rational areas of their brain efficiently. They can rationalise emotions and also talk about their feelings clearly to others which helps prevent a backlog of feelings. The only issue here is because they are always in control, they don’t feel the need to express their feelings; which can sometimes be an issue in close relationships. Harsh aspects, indicate someone who needs to work on their emotional-rational balance, fluctations are likely to occur resulting in harsh words at close ones or people when hurt or being over rational about their feelings. They are more inclined to gossip about people when hurt too, or generally if they don’t control the harsh aspect.

Moon-Venus –> Moon and Venus aspects indicate somebody who might take their emotions onto Venusian pleasures. These can include going to an arts festival or show, the Cinema or enjoying some sweet treats. The Soft aspects indicate an easy going nature which allows them to get along with most people they encounter; they may even compromise alot to maintain this harmony. Relations with woman, especially the mother are strengthened too. Check to see which house Venus rules and this area of your life will be easily integrated into your personality. Harsh aspects are equally good, but the individual needs to ensure they don’t overeat or unleash their emotions in a negative manner against the ladies in their life. Especially the Square, Quincunx and Opposition can be a challenge to maintain; however if you keep trying to harmonise; you’ll be in for a big surprise. Leaving the comfort-zone can be hard for these individuals, so try to push yourself!

Moon-Mars –> Moon aspecting Mars indicates someone who has a fire in their belly. These people can be very passionate when they want something, and will do their best to use this passion. (Similar to Moon in Aries). The soft aspects indicate someone who has the Martian energy fully integrated in their personality, they just need to find a way to use the energy! This can be done through sports, building, or engineering. (Martian jobs, hobbies and activities). The harsh aspects are more inclined to take action quicker than a soft aspect, but they need to control the Martian energy better, as when irritated they can be rather obnoxious. The temper of a Moon-Mars individual can be short so watch out! If you are a Moon-Mars individual, always find something to do to use that energy and take your anger out on it; not on a person. 🙂

Moon-Jupiter –> Moon in aspect to Jupiter gifts the individual with a general optimistic and good hearted nature. The soft aspects indicate someone who will most likely look for the positive in a bad situation and will try to keep their own and ours spirits high. The soft aspect also can denote someone who doesn’t like to push too hard and believes all good will come to them; this is not the case! Use that optimism, luck and expansion to progress with your goals and you’ll gain great recognition for it! The harsh aspects indicate someone with the same/greater drive for their goals than the soft aspect, but the individual needs to guard against overexaggeration, arrogance and wastefulness. Jupiter can sometimes make you work too hard as you feel good doing it. Don’t listen to Jupiter, stop and take a break! Spending can be a problem too, so watch your money carefully too.

Moon-Saturn –> Moon and Saturn aspects indicate an individual with a cautious set of emotions, but is likely to be disciplined and organised. Moon-Saturn has a much different, almost opposite approach to life than Moon-Jupiter; they rely on patience, organisation and structure as opposed to luck, optimism and expansion. The soft aspects indicate someone who’s been installed with a strong sense of purpose and can use the Saturn traits to progress far in life to achieve their goals. Their Mother was likely to be strict but fair with them. Saturn will prevent you from getting carried away until you get to the finish line. The hard aspects can be more difficult to handle in early age, the individual may be more mature than most at a young age, so it’s not until late-teens that the Saturn traits will finally come through and benefit the individual. Inner-Focus is a trait of this aspect; just try to maintain a sense of humour and not isolate family members or friends!

Moon-Uranus –> Uranus will give the individual an electrical shock to their emotional decisions here. Impulses are more common here along with the desire for freedom and to be different and original. Soft aspects, give the individual some great gifts such as a spontaneous mind, inventive capabilities and genius strokes; it’s just a case of using these gifts, these individuals need to be pushed to use these gifts to the max. The harsh aspects give the individual all of the desires and the energy; it’s just maintaining control of the urges and impulses. Individuals can be quite erratic, especially towards loved ones, so just think about things before acting!

Moon-Neptune –> Emotions combine with artistic and foggy Neptune. The key here is to not try and escape the real world. Use Neptune’s great benefits of artistry, imagination and dreams in your daily life and you’ll be able to add lots of colour to your life! The soft aspects allow the individual to do this more easily and not get caught up in the Neptune fog too much, stay in reality. Moon-Neptune beings are reasonably tranquil, so be sure to try and push yourself when you need to! The harsh aspects can be problematic if not handled well. Addictions are common with Neptune to try and escape the realities of life, as well as misunderstanding and deceptions. Try not to let anyone decieve you, and try to gain a clear understanding of things before taking action. Addictions, such as alcohol and smoking are bad. They can have worse effects on Neptunian influenced Moons.

Moon-Pluto –> The force that is Pluto aspects the vulnerable Moon. Pluto will add extreme actions to your character, along with determination, transformation and also self-destruction, jealously and forcefulness. The soft aspects give the individual alot of emotional strength. They can handle extreme situations well, just like Moon-Mars or Moon-Saturn can, but Moon-Pluto will give you alot of personal power. Harsh aspects need to be controlled well otherwise bad incidents are possible if you don’t control the beast! Possibly of something traumatic in your childhood, you might cling on to grudges and be vengeful. Don’t let this happen! You will come across on other people strongly, so prove them wrong! Harness the power of Pluto and use it to achieve something big! The harsh aspect will spur you on even further than before.

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