Natal Planets – Mercury Aspects

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Now we are on to the planet called Mercury. Mercury governs our communication style, our ability to think, mental processes etc. Also how good with are with our arms and hands (Technical ability), reading style, writing style etc.

Mercury-Venus: When Mercury combines with Venus, The individual is imbued with artistic abilities and a soft sounding voice! There is a strong possibility of the user having a reasonable singing voice because Venus rules the throat in the human body, and Mercury is speaking voice. Also, playing musical instruments and love of painting is also possible (In the modern age, photography). Soft aspects indicate a general ease between the two planets and the individual can tap into both energies very easily. Harsh aspects indicate the Venusian traits being full integrated into one’s personality and will love all things related to Venus, but may find it hard to distinguish between the two planets.

Mercury-Mars: Mercury-Mars aspects, regardless of the aspect; give the individual a very sharp mind, or the gift of the gab. Both of my parents have this aspect in each of their charts; My Dad loves to talk and chat with people; My Mum however is very intelligent and has a great memory. Soft aspects between Mercury and Mars indicate the flow of energy between the planets is good, so the individual can call upon Mars for speed, assertion and clear mindedness. If you have this aspect, you maybe a confident talker! Or you speak to people clearly and you know what you want! Harsh aspects can indicate blocked energy which needs releasing; sometimes the individual becomes restless and starts using the energy negatively by lashing out at close-ones, friends or people in general. Also they can sometimes not contain themselves and speak too much, or reveal too much with their excitement. This aspect indicates an appreciation for mechanics, engineering, ironworks and machinery in general.

Mercury-Jupiter: A Mercury-Jupiter aspect in the natal chart imbues the individual with a lot of potential to have a broad mind! These people have a love of studying! This comes with the possibility of becoming restless if there is no application or task for their mind to try to conquer. The soft aspects give the user an open-minded approach to learning and society in general, they can call on Jupiter’s enthusiasm and expansion to use in their daily life and can inspire alot of people with their mind. The individual is likely to puruse higher education (University/College) because of their desire for knowledge and expertise! The only drawback is that Jupiter can make the individual reasonably tranquil and not want to push too hard to achieve. Don’t let this happen! Harsh aspects give the individual even greater restlessness to achieve something, but there is a possibility of the person becoming a ‘know-it-all’ or arrogance once they have gained alot of knowledge, which they should be careful of. Procrastination is also common with this aspect, unless other aspects help you to focus. Religion is also a possibility with this aspect.

Mercury-Saturn: When Mercury combines with Saturn, all you can imagine is mental discipline. People with this aspect are likely to be reasonably controlled in their approach to communicating as well as staying focussed on a task. They might even talk like someone who organises their words perfectly! With soft aspects, the individual is likely to harness the Saturn traits into their Communication and mental processing, along with staying reasonably focussed without having the overbearing power of Saturn (Less frequently). The harsh aspects are more difficult to handle, you are more likely to be cautious, withdrawn and sometimes sad. Do not let Saturn make you feel this way! He is trying to teach you those lessons and once you have learnt them, he will be at your side when youo need him. Try to stay positive, push yourself and focus!

Mercury-Uranus: Expect thunderstorms! Uranus aspecting Mercury will jolt your mental processes into super speed! People with this aspect are likely to have an interest in all things new age, technical and thrilling. Computers, technology and the sciences! Uranus also can make the individual rather wild, freedom-seeking and zany too, their sense of humour could be of this type too. Soft aspects indicate the energy flowing easily, so the individual can intergrate Uranus into their mind and call upon it when needed. They will always say something new, different and original! Uranus can help you get out of a rut, if you have been buddying with Saturn too long too. The harsh aspects indicate blocked energy that needs to be released. Typically using this energy on Uranian interests is the best way to get rid of this excess energy; along with thrill-seeking activites (Theme-parks, Sky-diving, Bungie-jumping etc). If the energy gets too concentrated, then the erratic nature of Uranus will come out and the person can burn bridges and do naughty/bad things at worst. Don’t let this happen to you!! Enjoy Uranus’s fresh approach to life.

Mercury-Neptune: When Mercury and Neptune aspect each other, the dreamy, vividness of Neptune fills up your mental processes. Some individuals with this aspect can sometimes not understand things the tradition manner, they need to learn things through artisitic means or visually thinking about the information. (Pictures and diagrams help!). The individual is likely to have an interest in reading, writing stories and unleashing their vivid imagination in the most creative was possible! Writing music also comes under Neptune too! Soft aspects indicate the Neptunian energy is flowing well and not consuming the individual in a fog. Use that imagination of yours and make sure you find an outlet for it! Harsh aspects indicate the individual needs to be aware of Neptune’s negative traits. Like the soft aspects, find a decent outlet for our imagination as you are more inclined to use addictions when things aren’t going too well for you. Also people may try to deceive you more because of your innocence. Double check all details before you do something big in your life!

Mercury-Pluto: Prepare for take-off! Pluto’s unrelenting desire for deeper knowledge will be ever-present with this aspect. Instead of engaging people with small talk or banter, you will prefer to talk about issues which are meaningful and can benefit you in some way. You also will study a subject of interest with absolute commitment, it will also become an obsession. You love it! The soft aspects indicate you handling the Pluto energy reasonably well, allowing you to dig deep on subjects of interest. Also, you can be strong in a debating session too, never backing down from your point of view. Harness the energy and make full use of it! Harsh aspects indicate a unstoppable desire for deeper knowledge and also wanting to know everything about something or even someone, but control yourself! You can push people away with your desire or consume them! If you become irritated, there is a chance you can be quite nasty and harsh with your words; so bite your tongue if you feel angry. Control the beast within you!

Hope these descriptions help you!

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