Natal Planets – Jupiter Aspects

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Luck! Abundance! Excess! Jupiter! Welcome to Jupiter everyone, the planet that can instill good faith in even the most pessimistic folk around and can also provide you with opportunities to grow. Jupiter’s effects natally aren’t as powerful as the personal planets, unless Jupiter is dominant in the chart or conjunct one of your 4 angles. Anyway onto Jupiter aspects!

Jupiter-Saturn: The Lucky Craft. Jupiter generally represents our ability to grow, our luck ratio and our grandparents. When it meets Saturn, the brakes are slammed on again. Jupiter wants to get big and grow, but Saturn wants to wait. So a contradiction occurs! The key here is getting the best out of both planets. Easy aspects having a less bumpy ride than hard aspects. But hard aspects have the determination to succeed like a never ending thirst for it. The best thing to do, is to choose something to grow (physically, mentally and hypothetically!) For Jupiter, but do it in a slow and structured manner (Saturn). This way, you get the best of both planets. Setbacks are always likely with Saturn, but don’t allow yourself to be put off by this.

Jupiter-Uranus: The Expansive Eccentric. Jupiter’s Philosophy, studious mind and good fortune combines with Uranus’s eccentricity, inventiveness and originality. You are blessed with a fast mind and great potential for super intellegence! Uranus basically zaps Jupiter, increasing the Jupiter qualities, whilst injecting some Uranian qualities in too. Soft aspects indicate you are likely to be positive generally and also having faith in any of your ideas, belief! There is a chance you could enjoy scientific studies or become an inventor! On the other hand, you might be reasonably liberal and have humanitarian goals (Start a charity, try and stop poverty). Sudden and unexpected gains and loss are also possible; which is the same with the harsh aspects. Harsh aspects need to guard against being too idealistic and carefree. There is nothing wrong with going after what you want, but there is a limit which one person can achieve; try not to have idealistic views of others either. Uranus can sometimes inhibit your goals, because your thinking is too impractial. You can overcome this by planning smaller goals and over time you achieve an extraordinary amount, if you add practically to your thinking! Good luck!

Jupiter-Neptune: The Ideal Optimist. Neptune’s imagination, artistry and idealism combines with Jupiter’s philosophy, expansion and luck. Guard against idealism! With Neptune influencing Jupiter, your beliefs are likely to be clouded in foggy judgement. Even with the soft aspects, you tend to believe the best will come out with every situation; which is great, but it’s not always true. Don’t let the idealism and fogginess consume you! Soft aspects, indicate someone who is always willing to help, no-matter what which is a very positive trait. You may be inclined towards religion with this aspect, and also music! If you struggle to conjure up any practically, then apply yourself to something more artistical or that allows you to express your imagination. Harsh aspects, indicate possible deception and lack of discipline. Remember, Jupiter is all about growth and opportunities so if something appears too good to be true or pre-mature growth, then stop! Deception can come from offering yourself too selflessly; try to only do this to people who you know are fully trustworthy. If you can apply the imagination and optimism, control the idealism; you can go places!

Jupiter-Pluto: The Determined Philosopher. The ambition of Pluto combining with Jupiter’s enthusiasm. You can become a real force and inspiration with this aspect. Pluto pours his traits into Jupiter and you now have ambition and courage on your side. The soft aspects indicate the ability to channel Pluto’s force into your expansive qualities easily, allowing you to become very productive. You could start your own business, or become a politician with this aspect. If you are really on it, you can start inspiring people to follow your path or even awaken them to follow their dreams too, as they see that it’s possible! The easy aspects generally have a more stable ride with this aspect. The harsh aspects can indicate energy which needs to be carefully controlled. Harsh aspect thrust the user with even more power and energy, but less control. Exaggeration, and going by your own moral codes is more possible here and you might even sit on the see-saw of confidence. Put this energy to use, and if you fail first time, get back up and go again!

That’s enough of Jupiter for today, stay tuned!

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