Natal Planets in Houses – 6th House

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Yes that’s right, welcome to the 6th house.

The 6th house generally rules pets, work attitude, part-time jobs, attitude towards life, what you are like on a daily basis and how you handle routine/daily tasks. This house does involve others, or more specifically how one treats others and how you can be of service to them. Perfectionist traits rise from the 6th house.

Sun in 6th house –> This placement gives the individual a lot of pride in their tasks. Sometimes Sun in 6th house natives feel that they have to be in charge of every situation and do it perfectly. This can lead to a lot of stress, because it is unnecessary pressure! The ability to achieve is very strong with this placement in work-related affairs, but they need to guard against going too far and burning out mentality and physically. They need to ensure all the basics are done right, plenty of sleep, eat well, exercise your butt off and help others out. By helping others out, they will in-turn help back!

Moon in 6th house –> Healthy living is the key to success here. The Moon here focussed on caring for others than trying to perfect a skill (Which takes a backseat). They are satisfied to do daily chores and eat decent food etc, because this gives them comfort from having a routine to stick too. If these natives become rundown or depressed, it can affect their physical wellbeing. Equally these individuals are likely to not only be good at a skill, but also enjoy doing it. Sometimes they feel not everyone pulls their weight though. They also get an emotional joy or humbling from serving people.

Mercury in 6th house –> Crystallisation occurs with Mercury placed in the 6th house. Their analysing skills are remarkably good and you can process tasks into a tangible result effectively. They are not afraid to ask for help when needed and you feel a sense of joy when you move from start to finish in any task. They always know the road to take instead of guessing. Communication and well-defined goals are key to their success here.

Venus in 6th house –> Pleasure and Joy through mundane affairs. There is an uncanny sense of joy made through completing a difficult task that required a lot of work and commitment. This ability to schedule work at certain periods can work absolute wonders, because as we all know, if you enjoy doing something you are bound to achieve it. Sometimes these natives love to work with beauty, so they may be involved in singing, acting or fashion. There is a give-take relationship with others in terms of care.

Mars in 6th house –> The will of Mars in placement in the workhouse of 6th. This makes the native lean towards being bossy in getting tasks done, and tasks done exceptionally well. The ability to lead a team who work is profited here too. They take an aggressive attitude towards routines, giving your all. This means carrying forward this attitude towards health. A rigorous exercise plan can help use this energy positively. Standards are set high here and also levels of perfection in profession are very high.

Jupiter in 6th house –> Jupiter gives the user a lot of enthusiasm and belief to conquer any task, regardless of size, ability and period. Sometimes Jupiter’s easy attitude makes the user procrastinate thinking “I don’t need to do it yet” and wait until the last-minute to do it. But somehow the luck of Jupiter allows the user to pull it out the bag. Jupiter can burn out too, so make sure that enthusiasm is tamed well! Also with Jupiter in 6th you may think that Jupiter will want to serve everyone, but it is actually others that will serve Jupiter! Fitness routines are taken in an almighty extreme.

Saturn in 6th house –> The taskmaster meets the house of tasks. This can be a tough nut to crack. It can sometimes feel as if  work very hard and no reward is received. Daily tasks are boring and serve no sense of happiness. However, as soon as you realise Saturn is teaching the native to be responsible but expect no return. This leads to a serious attitude which will eventually bring rewards. These natives feel responsible about exercise and health, but need to guard against burning out and stress. This stress can seriously affect the physical health of the native. Eliminate stress through talking about problems and exercise!

Uranus in 6th house –> Caution to the wind? Uranus placed here can lead to the native feeling trapped. Uranus gives the native the ability to come up with novel, original and enterprising approaches of completing tasks, but they don’t always follow orders, so all the important tasks get left behind. Uranus can get reactive and aggressive if trapped, which can be stressful for the native. The native would prefer to be separate and have freedom to move through life instead of being served, or serving.

Neptune in 6th house –> Neptune in 6th leads to the individual feeling they have to serve everyone. Due to the sensitivity of Neptune, it can feel great joy from serving or horrible sorrow from it all. Unlike Jupiter, it has to serve rather than be served and unlike Mercury, everything is blurred instead of clear. If they feel any stress or anxiety, it is felt  immediately. They need to make sure they remain on top of the “fog” by clear, realistic goals (yes this maybe difficult, but simple approaches seriously do help). Also, alleviate stress by carefully selecting areas that are enjoyable.

Pluto in 6th house –> Pluto in the 6th house, makes the native unlikely to serve strait of the bat. They will think “Why does this person deserve to be served?”. Sometimes this attitude can lead to power struggles due to Pluto’s insubordinate attitude. Power struggles always seem to have a negative affect, so let it go. They need to accept cannot always get your own way. Do what is necessary. More positively, Pluto is able to give 100% of energy here, and is able to focus quickly making this a great position. The rewards can be handsome. Also, they need to guard against holding everything in, as this will feel like a pressure if built up.

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