Natal Planets in Houses – 5th House

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Welcome to the 5th house, this is the second of the interpersonal houses in the natal chart. As I haven’t said this yet, there are 3 categories of houses in your chart; PERSONAL, INTERPERSONAL and TRANSPERSONAL. Each house belongs to a category. (I may have to do an extra post explaining these terms soon.)

  • PERSONAL –> 1, 2, 3, 4
  • INTERPERSONAL –> 5, 6, 7, 8
  • TRANSPERSONAL –> 9, 10, 11, 12

Anyway, back to the 5th house. The 5th house governs how express yourself. Unlike the 1st house, which is about self-expression or how you come across to other people, the 5th house is more your style of play. The 5th house also governs humour (To a degree), your hobbies what you find FUN and INTERESTING. It contains your children (especially your 1st child) and also your younger sibling, next line. So if you are in a family of 4 children and your are the 2nd eldest. Your older sibling is the 3rd house, and your 3rd eldest is the 5th house. 5th house considers romantic interests, booty calls and gambling too 😀

So what happens if you have a planet or many planets fall into your 5th house?

Your expression will be blended by all those planets!

Sun in 5th house –> The Sun feels at home in the 5th house. You are likely to be very expressive at least in your own way. This doesn’t always mean being assertive or arrogant etc, this is defined by what your Sun sign is. But you are likely to feel happy most of the time. The placement does have it’s negative qualities, such as being self-centered and a disregard for other peoples feelings or viewpoints, but most of the time this is a positive placement for the Sun and you express yourself with authenticity and warmth. In love terms, you like to have fun but i’ll bet once you find someone decent, you will commit. Go on, get on that stage and show us all what you are made of!!!

Moon in 5th house –> The Moon here makes the individual have an inner desire to express themselves, likely in a fun and childish manner. These people have no problem with romance or I should say dating. (I have a Saturn in 4th on the cusp of the 5th house, one of my closest friends has his Moon in 5th and the differences are noticeable!). You simply love to party, have fun, enjoy yourself and this is what feeds your soul. Gambling is a possible venture, depending on Moon Sign + aspects. But you aren’t afraid to take a risk here. You might also like to be artistic and express your moon sign here. You have no problem raising children, as you are likely to use that child-like expression ot relate to them !

Mercury in 5th house –> A joker? Having fun with words? Language is your expression. Writing stories, learning languages, playing with words to make jokes, you name it! This is known as intellectual stimulation. They crave it. Individuals with a 5th house Mercury are very sociable as they want to meet others with a similar mentality. There is a tendency to talk alot about their own interests etc more than the other person. Although these people can be detached, they always mean well and want to have fun.

Venus in 5th house –> With the goddess Venus in the 5th house, the individual wants have pleasure! But equally, they want to remain attractive to others too, so they is sometimes a see-saw between self and others. 5th house Venus individuals also love a good meal out, or a night out at the theatre, anything colourful/arty, leading to a party. In a relationship, the individual feels very alive and is likely to pass these tasteful standards onto ther children.

Mars in 5th house –> Martial arts? A 5th house Mars individual is free to express the Martian traits however they like. Possibilites include sporting ventures or thrilling journeys. In love affairs, Mars makes the individual reasonably selfish because of “me first” and sometimes don’t take critisism well because the energy is raw and it is how it is. If the native has Children, sometimes the children will clash with the individual because of out of sync wills. But these negatives can be overcome with compromises and willingness to face your own faults. Don’t worry 5th house martians, I believe you when you say you want to have fun, just want. 😛

Jupiter in 5th house –> Do you have a big family? Do you feel free to do what you like? That is what Jupiter can do to you. Possible to be part of a big family or many children etc. Jupiter will not want the fun to stop. Drinking, partying, socialing etc. You have a shrewd taste to know where to go in order to have a great time. Negatives here are being too excessive with pleasures, leading people on for romantic pursuits and generally taking things too far. But!! Jupiter gives the individual an open, expansive and generous nature. You may even love being around children, and you are likely to be honest with them.

Saturn in 5th house –> The slowburner. Saturn in 5th house creates an inhibitance on expression, as you are anxious about how people will recieve your true nature. You take parenting and relationships seriously, unlike the other planets such as Moon or Venus which are happy to move from one person to the next. Saturn’s influence is, as I say, a slow burning effect. You have all the capabilities of the other planets but they don’t hatch out the shell until you are into your 20’s and beyond. This means Childhood/Teenage years could have been difficult for you. You may have been made responsible from a young age, resulting in you missing out from all the fun and excitement of being young. Saturn can help you work on creative endeavours and become professional or highly skilled at them, recieving recogntion as you get older. You believe that everyone should be responible and you will do you best to tell your children this.

Uranus in 5th house –> Lightning!! Uranus produces a wonder of self expression to the individual. Honesty comes easy and you are likely to oust anyone who tries to lie or hold you back. Even people who try to create a drama of emotion to show you up, this will be thwarted. Relations can be erratic. You want total freedom, and will do whatever it takes to do ensure that is possible. You can be very original in expression and very uncanny.

Neptune in 5th house –> An artistic dream. Neptune here is invigorated by the arts and this allows the user to express themselves in a dreamy and gentle way. Deception through romance is possible, because of Neptune’s compassionate nature, you might see through an individuals flaws, even when they are staring you in the face. Beautiful surroundings, music, or even poetry really make the individual happy. Freedom comes from ‘spacing out’ and then ‘spacing in’ when you are ready. Go on, go and use Neptunes influence to develop a wonderful piece of artistry.

Pluto in 5th house –> Obsession with expression. Pluto in the 5th, creates a very focus and determined nature for the native. You hand pick your outlets, playing to your strengths. Also you will throw everything at the outlet, to ensure you become the best. Potentially you can burn hot and cold in relationships because not everyone will be able to match your passion. There is a seriousness about you. You teach your children this seriousness and make them one of your priorities above all.

I’ve tried to give a general overview here, of course planets have subtle differences in different people’s charts. But the core principles are there. I hope this gives you an idea about what the 5th house is all about.

Take care!


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