Natal Planets in Houses – 4th House

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Hello everyone,

After a long absence, I have managed to find time and motivation to kickstart this series again. So I will continue where I left of. We are in the 4th house.

The 4th house is one of the water houses in your chart, therefore anything in this house is deep-rooted and very personal to you. It typically relates to your ‘lesser’ influential parent (although this claim is discredited), your homeland and family traditions you grew up with during childhood.

Sun in 4th house – Your self expression and vitality come from your family, your roots. Because the Sun is at the bottom of your chart, it is likely you’ll prefer to spend a decent amount of time with your immediate family as they mean alot to you. Also your true colours are likely to be fully expressed in your home, opposed to at work or in public. High chance of being close to one family member in particular. The Father?

Moon in 4th house – Your emotional satisfaction comes from being close to those who mean the most to you. Your mother likely had a strong impression on your during your childhood and you feel her influence throughout your life. You likely don’t express yourself to the maximum unless she is around you. (Perhaps she makes you feel more comfortable). Please guard against taking things too personally. Home comforts seem to heal those wounds from the outside world.

Mercury in 4th house – If your Mercury is strong, it is likely you’ll talk and talk and talk… about your family affairs and your homeland, where you grew up. You’ll have a strong connection with those you grew up with; siblings and friends from a young age. Mercury’s influence could spur you into moving houses in your county or state area alot during your early years. You could also be involved in alot of family affairs, discussions etc.

Venus in 4th house – Time to build a beautiful home? This could be a focus of yours. You enjoy the luxurious foods, objects and collections and use these to create a lovely home. There is an authentic, personal touch to your home from an objective perspective. In terms of parents, they could have been charming, loving and beautiful; or self-indulgent/overprotective of you in some ways, which could prevent your growth of the outside world. You need to guard against getting super attached to individuals here, because depending on other people is a dangerous tactic.

Mars in 4th house – You might think it means VIOLENCE, ARGUMENTS etc, this is only true if Mars is afflicated. If the energy is used well here, you could build your own house, brick for brick. Your family could have been dynamic, lively and brave individuals, which has rubbed off on you to act this way. The energy can manifest negatively into passive-aggressive behaviour which is equally bad. Use this energy positively by getting involved in projects you love and that allow you to use your instinct. More positively, you have a protective instinct of your family members and will never hesitate to defend them.

Jupiter in 4th house – A big family? Well this is possible, lots of brothers and sisters is possible. You have strong morals and values which were taught to you from a young age and will carry you forward positively in the future. Luck in the house , family, or homeland is possible. Also you may love to have parties at your home, inviting everyone round! Your parents influence was happy, positive and beneficial.

Saturn in 4th house – So, you have the time-keeper Saturn in your 4th house? What will you do? Saturn is keen on tradition, so you might keep up family ideals in terms of what your parents did, in any aspect (clothing, home, values, views, number of children for the future etc). You try to do things at periods in your life which reflect WHEN they are expected to be done rather than when you feel ready for them. Saturn can be a wet-blanket to you if you didn’t recieve affection from a young age, and you’ll spend the remainder of your life making up for it, at a coming of age. Remember Saturn is about responsibility, so your early years could have been more about caring for other members or chores/duties. This can make you very LOYAL!

Uranus in 4th house – Lightning in the house? While you may have lacked any emotional support here, Uranus can make you very unique in your dealing with these affairs. Sometimes you will want to be comforting/nurtured, sometimes being distant or running away solves the problem for you. More positively Uranus can assist you with being spice to your life through being different to the norm. Guard against being erratic and use these quirks to your advantage.

Neptune in 4th house – Home is a salvation? That is possible with Neptune here. You might view your home as a route to escaping the outside world as you find it hard to handle for long periods. There is a chance your childhood was a difficult and complex period, leading you to believe certain things or ways about your family which are unlikely true. Strong desires to feel loved, you might idealise certain members or ways of doing things; this can lead to you being a push-over, because of unconditional love you want to give to everyone.

Pluto in 4th house – The deep secret? Early childhood could have been secretive and hard to understand. You may develop a love for psychology, understand how us humans work and function because you were never able to understand it first time around. Sometimes parents want to over-protect us to the point of obsession, which can lead to us to being unable to change when most needed. Pluto can also signify scary, traumatic and horrible experiences early on. It is time to transform.

I hope these statements can help you gain an understanding into what the 4th house is like. I personally don’t have any planets there, but from experiences I can see certain traits.

Also!!! The energies of planets being in the 4th house can manifest in multiple different ways, hence I can’t write all combinations down as that would take multiple pages!!

See ya.

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