Natal Planets in Houses – 3rd House

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It’s time to engage your mind! Because after a long delay, the 3rd house has arrived! The 3rd house involves our ability to communicate, think, reason, listen and write. Not only this, but it also includes siblings (mainly older siblings), neighbours, short distance travels (within own town up to your county or state) and school experience. Some even say that the 3rd house colours how we act when we are growing up, pre-teen.

Here are the placements of the 3rd house. If you have more than 1 planet in the 3rd house, it’s like the 2 planets will blend together and you feel both.

Sun in 3rd house: Knowledge is very important to you. You enjoy passing knowledge onto other people and you could be known as the “knowledge bearer”. Personally, you may retain a lot of information, but never believe it unless it has been scientifically proved to exist or function in such ways. This leads on as you don’t want people to think you tell lies. You mental pride is huge! This can sometimes dominate you, even in situations where your ideas or thoughts are impractical or incorrect. The is a potential to be bossy with siblings and try to rule over siblings. Misunderstandings can occur if a compromise is not found. You have a very strong desire to learn and you are enlisted with strong speaking and writing abilities, so you can excel at languages or subjects of writing (English Literature or Language etc).

Moon in 3rd house: Intellectual curiosity is very high with this aspect. You are able to easily communicate your feelings here through speech, poetry or writing, and you enjoy it! Speaking to people is very important to your wellbeing, especially talking to women (Moon). You have a good sense of humour and enjoy jokes and being playful too! Variety is important to you also, and you feel you need to be flexible and adaptable just incase something new comes along and you can be ready for it. Your listening abilities might be better than your speaking abilities with this placement too. Despite the fact you might be feeling emotional at times, you are able to talk about your feelings which can make you feel better. You are likely to have strong ties with your siblings.

Mercury in 3rd house: Mercury here is a very strong placement. Mercury can flex his muscles here well in the 3rd house which allows him or YOU to have a flexible, witty and clever nature about you. Your communication is fluent and clear and you have the ability to complete any idea of your choice. You may be considered the “Jack of all trades”. Mercury here is very beneficial for people who want to teach as a profession, because your writing and speaking abilities are enhanced, and your communication is comprehensive, meaning people from all walks of life can understand! Your relations with siblings can fluctuate but communication with them is always there.

Venus in 3rd house: You have an artistic and creative expression about you! Your voice is likely to be soft and sensual and you may enjoy being artistic in your speaking to paint the perfect picture in your recipient’s mind. You love to travel and will most likely travel for pleasure more than anything! Your siblings, neighbours and even your community are likely to view you as easy going and pleasant, so your relations will be happy! Because of this, you will avoid confrontations at all costs to maintain harmony, which can be a bad thing at times of your needs.

Mars in 3rd house: Mars here gives you energy to attack any mental challenge of your choice. You can be restless and high strung at times, but you will have an abundance of energy waiting to be used, so use it!! Sometimes the energy overflows and you need to watch your mouth! Also, guard against impulsive thinking when it comes to important topics, but there no doubt you can make your mind up easily. Problems with siblings can occur if they annoy or irritate you, verbally aggression or abuse is possible. So try to contain yourself and use the energy to come to a conclusion. You may talk fast with this placement.

Jupiter in 3rd house: You possess stong intuition. Additionally, you are very considerate and optimistic at the same time. Your mind can broaden very easily due to Jupiter’s expansive nature, and you are likely to be very liked amongst siblings, neighbours and community. You mind needs to focus on small details as your mind can be scattered at times, so ensure that you have things to do alot of the time. Procrastination is also possible because you believe you deserve a break and sometimes your thinking is not practical to conquer tasks.

Saturn in 3rd house: Concentration is one of your greatest assets. You can focus on a single subject with absolute ease and not get disrupted by others. At times, you can be pessimistic and depressing in your abilities, simply because you don’t feel you are achieving anything good, even though your standards are very very high. These traits can be overcome by results and positive thinking, you can do it! Organisation skills are sharp too! Some of your may thrive off Mathematical/Scientific problems too. Sibling relations can be tense, you may find that siblings can undermine you or get in your way, or you may close off this area of your life. (Saturn in 3rd can sometimes indicate NO siblings). The time taken to complete a project may not phase you and make sure you get plenty of sleep too.

Uranus in 3rd house: Your mind is original, creative and unusual! You have thought patterns which are bizarre to most other people. You have a zany side to you, giving you random streaks of genius too! Sibling relations are up and down alot, they may struggle to understand you or vice versa. Your mind appears to change depending on the information your receive and process. Boredom is rarely a problem and you strongly believe in intellectual freedom and new experiences.

Neptune in 3rd house: Idealism, ethereal and artistic. Your mind works in mysterious ways, sometimes you are not aware of! Your mind soaks up information from the environment and atmosphere than just being bombarded with information. Your ability to visualise data is very good and you can present data like this to others to enhance learning. Sometimes concentration can be difficult to achieve as you might daydream alot, also you could be insecure too. People might view you as unreliable and negative, but you have the chance to prove them wrong. Try to avoid drugs or anything addictive too. Relations are likely to be unclear or foggy.

Pluto in 3rd house: You have a penetrating mind! The desire to find all answers to many questions. You understand the motives of people very well and can sometimes play with peoples motives too. You enjoy research work in an area you find fascinating, almost like detective work! Puzzles and brain teasers too! Sometimes you get frustrated when an answer is not forth-coming to you because you feel you should be able to answer everything first time. Writing down your ideas can help you get rid of tension and you are likely to forget about information which is old, used or no longer necessary to allow room for new information. Relations can be intense, but also very strong and close if you work on them.

That’s all for this time folks! Any questions, drop them below 🙂

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