Natal Planets in Houses – 2nd House

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Welcome to the 2nd house everyone! The 2nd house is all about our financial affairs such as spending/earning money, our values of what makes us feel secure and also possessions.

Sun in 2nd house: You typically have a strong presence towards people and this is enhanced by having strong feelings of self-worth. You seem to somewhat gain power through owning possessions and this power can help you accumulate money and develop your talents for earning money. When you own an object, say for example; you earn enough money to purchase a car, this gives you a strong feeling of security as you feel you have got somewhere in life. Money comes and goes for you, and you might be a little bit extravagent too! This placement is reasonably good, but you need to guard against trying to be bossy over people or items your own. You may also feel unloved if you cannot apply yourself to a task.

Moon in 2nd house: You feel much happier and secure when you have items and money to show for your efforts. These give you emotional security. You can be both efficient and wasteful in your resources because it depends on your current feelings. Strangely, you may find working in the public eye somewhat appealing. This is because you want people to recognise what you do, and you want credit for your efforts. This recognition can give you alot of purpose to move forward too. Just guard against being wasteful with resources!

Mercury in 2nd house: You harness the power of your knowledge and wit to earn yourself money. You might like a career in presenting or teaching, somewhere that you can unleash your wisdom. In addition to this, you might like to talk about money and possessions, telling people what you want to get or like to get. You are effective at communicating other peoples thoughts and ideas, through speaking and writing; and this inturn can increase your ability to earn money. Due to the fast nature of Mercury; money fluctuates alot, but not to the extremes of other planets.

Venus in 2nd house: You are a magnetic for money and possessions! You are able to attract these whenever you need them most, which is a very favourable position for Venus to be in. You have the potential to spend money fast, but you are able to earn money even faster (providing you have a decent job etc). This is only if you develop your skills! Don’t be afraid to push yourself and get out there, the world is waiting for you! You are particularly inclined to purchase beautiful, musical or artisical objects and have the desire to like a life of luxury. Good food and wine too haha. This benefic attraction extends to your future partner or relationships with friends and family; meaning they are more willing to help you out with finanical matters when needed. Venus here also shows your values, which means you are likely to be reasonably easy-going too.

Mars in 2nd house: Mars here suggests the individual wants to earn money and possessions their own way. They will work reasonably hard to earn these possessions, but they need to guard against impulse spending. Money tends to come and go for the individual and they need to learn how to save money or spend money more wisely. Develop your talents using that Martian desire to earn material objects as your evidence of your efforts.

Jupiter in 2nd house: Finanical success is possible with this aspect. People seem to always be willing to assist you to achieve your goals with this aspect. This leads other people to thinking you are ‘lucky’ as you always seem to have money available. You are likely to have alot of confidence in your abilities and this can take you further than most people. You should invest in your own abilities and your ideas, as they are likely to be successful. Your self-esteem is likely to remain positive, even in negative situations. Just guard against eating too much sweet foods! Sweets, desserts and cakes are for treats not dietary needs!

Saturn in 2nd house: Your attitude towards life is likely to be practical based. You believe that you must work for your money, which is exactly what you’ll need to do. Saturn makes you a responible individual so this can give employers good reason to trust you. You are likely to save so much of your money that you forget to enjoy the money! Everyone is entitled to enjoying some of their earnings. Another way this energy can manifest is that you may struggle to love yourself or battle against depression because your feel you haven;t got enough money or belongings. You’ve worked hard for your money, you can enjoy it! Sharing with other individuals maybe a problem too, you don’t always see the point of sharing because you have ‘earn’ your materials. Sharing can go along way you enough!

Uranus in 2nd house: You have some original and inventive ideas which have the ability to earn you great resources, however due to Uranus’s unpredictable nature; you may suffer from unexpected gains or losses. You attitude is likely to be freedom-seeking and positive and this can help your develop your talents to a high level. This attitude also gives you the ability to get out of finanically difficult situations too!

Neptune in 2nd house: Your imagination and intuition are very strong with this placements, and you feel that you should enjoy these thoughts. Dreams are vivid and you highly appreicate beauty too. Your resources are likely to be complex or confusing as you don’t appear to worry about them too much. Neptune here can make the individual very generous with their money or very dishonest. If you are dishonest, you are more likely to suffer from theft or fraud (do not be dishonest!!) as a worse case scenario. Aim to do everything here properly and legally to avoid any negative situations.

Pluto in 2nd house: You are eager to earn alot of money; you will go to extreme lengths to get this money with your patience and determination. You possess unusual talents which people don’t see in you at first. Despite this ability to gain money, you may go through periods with little funds and situations which seem to knock you off course; just remember to ge tback up and fight. Let the changes commence and you’ll be pleasantly surprised! One note though, try not to view loved-ones as possessions. Also try not to be over-bearing with your resources or demands for other peoples resources. Your self-values are likely to be extreme, as you want to dig deep and get to the gold before anyone else. Patience!

Same rules apply here folks, if you have more than one planet in your 2nd house, look at the outer most planet (Pluto down to the Sun) and this planet is most likely to colour your 2nd house values. Your money and possessions, potential earnings; self-esteem and values of what you regard as correct and what gives your security.

Take care!

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