Natal Planets in Houses – 1st House (ASC)

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After travelling through each planet, and finding its respective aspects to all the other major planets; we now move onto Natal Planets in Houses. Just as a note, Planets in houses have a deeper feeling than Planetary aspects!

To get the ball rolling, we will start off with the most influential house in the chart, the 1st house!

The 1st house represents our self, what we desire to get and how we come across to someone when we INTERACT with them. As soon as start talking to someone you have never met before; that’s your ascendant (1st house cusp) doing the talking. The 1st house contains also our drives and our self-mastery too!

Sun in the 1st house: This influence gives the individual a warmth and amicable disposition in general interactions. They will come across to others as ‘Sunny’ and they can attract alot of people to them with reasonable ease. They might be concerned with self-image and how their appearance is in public; doing alot to maintain a positive image. The negative sides of this placement, is that the individual can become self-centred alot and only thinks in the interests of SELF opposed to OTHERS. You may find you come across to others in a ‘Leo’ manner and if both your Sun and Ascendant are in Leo (Like Jennifer Lopez) then you can become icon of your own kind! Your Sun is in a good position natally here, so work on your compromise skills and use that solar energy to pursue your goals! Become that leader you have always been destined to be, bravery and guts will take you far.

Moon in the 1st house: Your inner most feelings combine with your self expression. Your walk around with your emotions on your sleeve which can give a bag of mixed results. Your instinct is driven by your emotions opposed to your rationale side, which means you can come across rather emotional to others, so will like it, some not! This is because you find it hard to hide your feelings. When in a bad mood, you can become impatient with others and unfortunately everyone will know you are in a bad mood, however most of the time you are soft and gentle. Always do things you love to do! You could come across ‘Cancerian’ to other people.

Mercury in 1st house: Talkative, restless and adaptable. Mercury in the 1st house  gives you an all inspiring mind to process information and communicate ideas. Sometimes you will love talking some much about a topic of your forte/interest that you will fail to listen to the other person or people and continue and thinking about what to say next! Self-promotion is also probable with this placement. Negative traits include restlessness and easily being distraction. Focus!! immerse yourself with something you love to do and gets your mind working at 100mph! Also, talking to people and having an environment with at least people talking is important to you, so try to get in there too! You might come across like a ‘Gemini’ to others and when working like a ‘Virgo’.

Venus in 1st house: Charmer alert! Venus is in your house of appearance which means your come across to people as charming, attractive and diplomatic. You may find it vitally important to be liked by others alot, so you do your best to be friendly and kind to everyone you meet. This charm can extend itself to arguments and debates in which you have a high chance of winning due to your charm. (Go on, unleash it I dare you 😉 ). The only negative possibilities here are that you might be lacking some assertion for things you want and passive-aggressive behaviour. Don’t let this get the better of you, c’mon! Surround yourself with artistic and beautiful objects to make you feel beautiful yourself and then remind yourself to tap into those charming stores you have.

Mars in 1st house: You Firecracker! When Mars is in your 1st house, you are an active spirit. You are full of energy and need something to use your energy on! You are reasonably enterprising and can be a trailblazer for starting new themes too. People will realise what you are about and may start to follow what you do! Guard against being forceful towards people and being over-aggressive too. There is nothing wrong with healthy aggression, but none of the violent kind please. If you learn some diplomacy, you could go along way with your pursuits.

Jupiter in 1st house: Jupiter is sitting in your 1st house! Welcome to the world of positivity! You are likely to be a jovial character who is kind and optimistic towards life! Positive thinking is your way forward and you always see the benefits of any situation, even in adversity! The only things you have to guard against are big-headedness and being over-extragravant. This can be your downfall to your ever-so lucky nature, so don’t ruin it!

Saturn in 1st house: The taskmaster enters your house of self-mastery! This energy can be tough to handle at first; Saturn’s cold logic can produce big anxiety issues within you; knocking your confidence way off the radar. But there is a way… Saturn will teach you lessons about yourself, how to become disciplined, focussed and efficient. You might suffer from problems with responsibility if it is thrusted upon you; but deep down you really can handle it. The stern, cold nature of Saturn can be offset by harnessing the positive traits he teaches you, embrace them! You can achieve alot with them!

Uranus in 1st house: Uranus in 1st house, enjoy the electricial sparks! You are likely to be freedom-seeking, new/modern and wacky! You’ll have no problems asserting your beliefs to people and standing up for what you believe in. In addition to your beliefs, you really want to make your mark on the world, or even change the world to make it a better place. The only negative here is erraticness and fluctuations in interest. You may have so much passion for something and suddenly lose interest which can lead to problems! Try to guard against this and you’ll definitely make a mark somewhere!

Neptune in 1st house: Welcome Neptune! Neptune makes the individual rather sensitive, dreamy and gentle in their mannerism. Because people sometimes don’t know what they see in you, you sometimes reflect what others desire from themselves. This means you become a different person to each person you interact with. Despite your easy-going nature, you are likely to struggle in ways to assert yourself and also might get lost in your ideas too. The way out of this, is to express yourself though art. You can paint your thoughts, write your stories and publish your fantasies! Try not to escape reality, soldier 😉

Pluto in 1st house: The intensity. With Pluto in 1st, you are likely to come across as intense, strong and confident; but this isn’t necessary how you feel though! You can be a very private person and worry about intimidation from others too. Your determination is high with this placement and you can get alot done if you apply yourself. Also, you never settle for the obvious answer, you must dig deep for the real answer! Try not to over-power people or combust if people question your private life, we are all curious beings after all; give them a chance!

Note: If you have more than 1 planet in your 1st house, you could have a mixed review of how you come across. There is a chance 1 planet is the most dominant and this will colour you. If so, read each planet and then look at the sign that all planets are in, take the dispositor and that planet will be the dominant. Also, outer planets are more critical to your nature than personal planets.

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  1. Ok so my chart says 1st house cusp ruler, Jupiter, in tenth house.

    So do I look at Jupiter in this page, and what does cusp mean in this usage? Also what’s this tenth house or the planets being in a certain house inside the original house? Thanks great stuff.

  2. Also so in my ninth house it says 9th house cusp in Leo

    9th house cusp ruler, sun, in 7th house,

    Then mars in ninth house.

    How do I figure out what this means?
    You can just link me somewhere else if you don’t have time, but I’m a beginner and you’ve basically been my primary source till this point. Sorry for the questions brotha

  3. Hi John, if it helps would you mind sending me a picture of your chart? That way I can get a clear understanding and then help you with your questions. 🙂

  4. Right, i just looked at your chart; all of the information you described doesn’t seem to be true! Are you sure you have sent me the right chart?

    Cusps you say? Cusps are the lines which end the previous house and start the next. So any planet AFTER the cusp is classed in that house.

    Your 1st house ruler (Ascendant) is Moon. Because Cancer is the sign of your ASC, your 1st house cusp.
    You have Mercury in your 1st house, so you can interpret the Mercury in 1st house description.

    Your 10th house is your Midheaven (MC). If you notice the clockface in the middle, the roman numerals? At the top of the clock (12oClock) is MC. That’s your 10th house. You don’t have any planets in your 10th house.

    Planets in original house. Some planets function much better when they are placed in certain houses. For example, Mars in 1st house. Mars is ruled by Aries and the 1st house is about Arian type traits. So if you have Mars there, the energy is more likely to function better.

    Your 9th house cusp is in Aquarius. Aquarius rules Uranus. You have Uranus in 7th house. So the ruler of your 9th house is in 7th house.

    Your Mars is in 3rd house, in Scorpio.

    I hope this helps you somewhat, thanks alot for following my guides too 🙂

  5. My sister showed me my natal chart,I am a Libra rising. My chart ruler is the 9th house. What does this mean?

    • I am going to do a post about House Rulers is other houses soon, but the Ruler of your 1st house (ASC) which I assume is Venus in your 9th house suggests that you are focussed on philosophy, travel, maybe higher education etc. Do you hold strong opinions on certain topics or have strong standards?

  6. Also, my 5th house ruler is in the 4th house. Does this mean I will have lots of animals instead of children?

    • Ruler of 5th in the 4th house suggests your expressive qualities and joy come from being an a homely environment. Do you feel you can be your true self at home? It doesn’t guarantee more animals than children or vice versa. That is a decision you have to make.

  7. Aries Rising here!
    With Moon in my 1st house. 😐
    So I must across as some awful Ram-crab hybrid until aspects get involved.
    Then it just comes off as a plain mess. XD

    Nice article though, informative and concise.

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