Natal Planets in Houses – 10th House

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Welcome back everyone!

Today we will investigate the 10th house. While the 4th house is your deepest, most personal house. The 10th house is your summit and where you strive to be or become. Everything here is out for the world, yes the world to see and there is little you can do about it.

  • Public Persona.
  • Career prospects
  • Potentials for fame, wealth or hatred.
  • Attitude towards the world and the public.
  • Status in life.
  • Known/Remembered for.

Sun in the 10th house – Time to shine! Your Sun in the 10th house equates to having your Solar qualities mainly expressed towards your career, ambitions and achievements. People may look to you in times of need to find a way out of the situation through your leadership. You have a strong drive for success and will have enough energy to make it. As always, the problem here is that privacy will be hard to come by because people will notice you. Any mistakes made will be noticed by most people which can be harmful to your reputation. But because you carry a lot of pride with you, it is hard to knock you down.

Moon in the 10th house – Your emotions and feelings combine with the house of elevated status. This means you will find yourself pretty comfortable in public. Your personal life might be known to everyone because you are happy to divulge what you do without any problems. You gain stability and assurance from sharing how to feel. Fame in the workplace might come from your feelings too. Generally, the 10th house is what the public know us as, and you could be known for your feelings whether good or bad!!

Mercury in the 10th house – Strategy is the key with a 10th house Mercury. You prefer intellect over emotion, because emotion can sometimes be bad in your view. Communication is enhanced here, so you’ll know a lot of people in the right places to help you go up the ladder. You may be known for your mercurial abilities. You like to plan your goals out before taking them on. Your ability to network is equally strong too.

Venus in the 10th house – You bring the fine arts of Venus to the most public house. You might enjoy public attention. A career in Venusian tastes is possible, fashion, advertising and arts. Showing off beauty is something you are very good at. You wish for everyone to come together and work harmoniously to make a better world. People are likely to find you amicable and charming.

Mars in the 10th house – A linear path is always apparent if you have a 10th house Mars. Mars is decisive and you’ll know what you want and how to get it. Aggression is your way to move through the ranks and to where you want to be. Like a 10th house Sun, a defeat in public is rather humiliating to you and you’ll have to retract to recover yourself, but this process is very short as you’ll be back in no time at all. You attempt to appear confident at all times and may be involved in disputes or fights with others. Careers that involve physical activity or strength of character appeal to you and help you use that will of yours constructively instead of destructively.

Jupiter in the 10th house – With confidence comes extravagance. You have a positive attitude which you take to your opportunities which grants you good fortune without little effort. You have an authenticity about you which draws people to you because you don’t even try to be popular or confident with others, you just are. Like the other planets, you feel pretty confident in public too.

Saturn in the 10th house – You take goals very seriously. Saturn makes you work hard for your goals, planning, organising and doing the leg work. Sometimes Saturn can be overbearing on you because he’ll never switch off, so you’ll always be thinking about work. Guard against trying too hard to impress people because it will look bad for you. You may have an insatiable desire to ascend up the ranks and don’t take being bossed around well. You have steadfast energy to achieve what you like!

Uranus in the 10th house – Your own way. Uranus here make you detached, even not bothered by public opinion. Sometimes Uranus will throw up things you want to be kept quiet which can be for the good and bad. You are likely to complete tasks and do things just to satisfy your own desires, disregarding whether they are good or bad. Fame can arise from nothing and equally crash from nothing. Beside Uranus’s unpredictability, you will always believe in the path you choose.

Neptune in the 10th house – The fog walker. There seems to be a mystery surrounding you. Sticking to a career can be difficult for you. You always feel a need to escape a career if it is suffocating you and really only like applying yourself when the time is right, instead of just working and working just for the sake of it. Artistic careers are very favourable for 10th house Neptuners, because it allows you to escape when you need but equally show off your intuitive and caring feelings too. The 10th house is also what people remember us for, but with Neptune it is a big question mark. Neptune’s affects can go in the opposite direction and make you hate fame and public attention.

Pluto in the 10th house – The ultimatum. Pluto, ruler of transformations in the public house of goals. No one is your friend. You are likely to be civil with others, but never trust 100%. You are often seen as very ruthless in your ambitions. Feelings are out for others to see, so they can turn nasty and you become notorious for horrible things, or you get in touch with Pluto and allow yourself to regenerate and go again. You can apply yourself to almost any due to your ability to transform. Secretive or psychological work is favoured due to the Plutonian abilities you possess. You are your own worst enemy.

As you can see, the 10th house is an important part of how we come across towards the public. When you and another person engage in conversation and say “Oh do you know John?” “Yeah, I know John, he is very easy to work with, In my experience.” (Maybe a Venus in 10th?) A planet here colours what people remember us for.

  • Sun – Bossy, Headstrong, Proud.
  • Moon – Over emotional, needy, caring.
  • Mercury – Chatterbox, analytical.
  • Venus – amicable, diplomatic, lazy.
  • Mars – Aggressive, assertive, catalyst.
  • Jupiter – Altruistic, extravagance, happy.
  • Saturn – Steadfast, slow, negative, determined.
  • Uranus – wily, unique, erratic, notoriety.
  • Neptune – artistic, mysterious, escapist, wishy-washy.
  • Pluto – ruthless, obsessive, willful, heavy.

That’s it for this time.

Have a good one!

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