Natal Aspects – Mars Aspects

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Energy! Drive! That’s what Mars will give you on a good day. The Sign your Mars is in will determine how hard you work, your energy levels and motivation to succeed. Your Mars sign is also how you handle aggression and also the physical makeup of your body. When aspected by other planets, the conditioning of Mars is changed and the traits which I have just stated are altered.

Mars-Jupiter: A boost. When Jupiter combines with Mars, Mars’s traits are expanded and given a boost of energy. That self-confidence that Mars generally has is pushed up a level by Jupiter and you feel good about it! If Mars rules one of your angles, you’ll feel this aspect alot! Soft aspects indicate the energy is flowing well, Mars feels benefic Jupiter and Jupiter feels Martian energy. You are likely to positive and good-hearted, perhaps even generous majority of the time. Jupiter might make you more tranquil, so don’t allow yourself to stop moving, because it might become hard to start again. Harsh aspects are equally great in power, the individual is likely to be very self-assertive and energetic; but they need to use this energy! Athletics are good, along with strength training as Jupiter will make your muscles bigger. Don’t waste this energy, as you are prone to (especially with the square/opposition). Also, try not to brag too much or over-exaggerate details. This is the downside to Jupiter, along with pushing too hard for a goal and tiring yourself out. Good luck!

Mars-Saturn: Controlled Force. Saturn aspecting Mars tones down the Martian spontaneous energy at first. The individual has to learn how to control and focus your energy in the right ways. The self-assertion is also narrowed too,so just accept that you’ll have to work on it to build it back up. Soft aspects suggest the energy isn’t too severely affected as first thought. The 2 malefics are forced to get on. So you can employ the maturity of Saturn into your self-assertion, and he will not hold you back too much. You are likely to be very disciplined and well-structured which is great! Harsh aspects indicate restricted self-confidence or even lack of confidence at first. The individual is reserved in their approach, whilst slowing finding a way to crack Saturn. He will try to teach you lessons the hard way, but try to embrace these lessons. Over time, you’ll slowly realise that these lessons can get you through the most difficult tasks and set for life. This aspect improves with time, provided you have learnt all your lessons. Endurance sports are a great way to burn off any excess energy with this aspect. Saturn loves the slow-burners.

Mars-Uranus: The Electro Flame. The energy of Mars with the sparks of Uranus, can create an individual of a zany kind. Uranus will give Mars some innovation, and rebelliousness, but the impulse trigger is further increased too. In terms of exercise, Uranus will add speed to your game; so you could be a fast runner or have a sonic reaction time. Technology is also likely to fascinate you too, gadgets!! Soft aspects indicate Uranian streaks in your energy levels; confidence with a rebelliousness. You could be good at standing up and speaking about your rights (public speaking) or new world activities too. Harsh aspects indicate the same influx of energy, but self-control is decreased; resulting in possible erratic tendencies or rebellious towards anyone just to cause controvesary. Try not to let this happen, because you can drive people away if you are like this all the time. Also burning yourself out is another possibly; Maintain the basics of life and you should be ok. The desire for new, exciting and daring tasks is heightened, so preceed with some restraint and you’ll be in for the time of yourlife. Zap zap!

Mars-Neptune: The Foggy Martian. When Mars and Neptune combine, Neptune surrounds Mars in a fog, which can prove to be a blessing or a big hinderance. Some Mars signs with other aspects can be too lively and uncontrolled, but Neptune (the higher octave of Venus) will mellow the Mars energy, so you are likely to be rather soft and gentle as opposed to fiery and brave. Because Mars rules your body, there is a possibly of hidden diseases and illnesses if you don’t look after yourself. Soft aspects indicate a light at the end of the fog, and a chance to really experience your dreams. Neptune will provide you with a never-ending desire to achieve your dreams, because reality is filtered out. This mindset is very good to have. Apply this to your daily life along with some softness and you’ll make everyone love you, even charm people. Harsh aspects, can be tough however. Energy levels are likely to be low, so makesure you sleep plenty. Also make sure you stay in touch with reality here, as there is a desire to live in a fantasy world with this aspect. But what you can do is, move to a fantasy realted place, or build your own fantasy land, in reality! Creativity and Acting is strong; You could be a great dancer too! Feel the music and bust a move! Good luck with Neptune.

Mars-Pluto: Can you FEEL it? Pluto combining with Mars, creates a force of nature. If Mars energy wasn’t enough, it’s higher octave Pluto is combining with it to create an individual with an extraordinary amount of energy. The soft aspects indicate strong self-assertion combined with strong desires to dig deep with yourgoals. You simply will not quit until you find that golden nugget. (Or a bucket load!) Just make sure you use this energy wisely and don’t waste the energy on light, non-purposeful activities. The Harsh aspects? Well be careful. The beast in a chamber is the metaphor. Get your beast working. Endurance, Heavy lifting, just something to tire out the beast, then they will be more pleasant. If you catch them on a bad day, hell on earth could be unleashed! Self-destruction is possible and everything around is likely to comedown with them. Harsh aspects have the same, ifnot greater drive for their goals than the soft aspects; but they need to control the urges against destruction. You can do this! In general though, exercise; look after yourself and chase your goals at all costs. Pluto will be happy with you for the time being 😉

I hope this helps you and that you use your Martian energy to the max! And as always, try and find an outlet for you Mars.

Best Wishes to you all. 🙂

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