11th House Planets – Natal Chart

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Welcome to another article about 11th house Planets in Natal Chart

This time, we move onto the 11th house. The 11th house is all about friendships (the type of friends you have, or like to have), your dreams, ideals and possible earnings from your career. It also means groups and societies too and your approach to those. Strong 11th house influences can mean you might like working for charities or doing humanitarian causes.

Sun in the 11th house

With a 11th house Sun, you radiate warmth in social situations. People sometimes look to you to lead a group because you have an objective, detached attitude. This is very positive for a group because you focus entirely on the objective instead of worrying about the little personal issues.
Just because you instinctively know how to lead people, you don’t always feel comfortable in groups, you are just eager to leave your mark. The ability to speak in public is strong here. In terms of friends, you are more likely to be friends with Solar/Leo people or in particular males.

Moon in the 11th house

Emotions and comfort arise from making friends and joining groups. With your Moon located in the 11th house, your true emotions are revealed in 11th house affairs. You get moody with your friends, but it is because you appear to really trust your friends. (Sometimes Friends before family!).
In groups, you sometimes take a back seat due to the feeling of comfort of just being part of the group! But when you warm to the group, you start to reveal your qualities which for most the time are positive. You have an innate ability to reassure people and in return gain respect for others.
Like the Sun, you are somewhat detached allowing a more reasonable judgement in decision-making. Because the Moon is what we crave, you are likely to be quietly popular in your social life and pursue your goals for the love instead of ability to be them well (If you can do them well, then even better!).
Moon seems to attract Lunar/Cancerian people or females which are older than you.

Mercury in the 11th house

You are a social butterfly! You are able to have a conversation with almost anyone, from any walk of life. You appear very rational and talkative and this is what people like about you. This makes networking very easy for you to do, equally remember important information such as factual data. You maybe remember small details about people too.
You are a spirited debater and public speaking can be good for you, but you are a bit more erratic than the Sun and Moon, however you are likely to amuse others with your style. Mercury allows the attraction of equally rational people of a Gemini/Virgoan influence. You will have friends of both sexes.

Venus in 11th house

Politeness and social grace are your tools for an 11th house Venus. You seem to be the person is sociable and always invited to parties and events. You believe in social etiquette and will try very hard to maintain this when dealing with people. It always seems that your abilities draw in people who will help your dreams come true.
Your opinions are strong but you are unlikely to force your views onto people because you feel this will upset the harmony. In a group, you just go with the flow. Females are highlighted here as friends, but more Taurus/Libra of either sex.

Mars in the 11th house

You enter groups with an impatience and desire to achieve. You feel most comfortable leading a group of people instead of being one of the group. You will have to bite your tongue on occasions because you can’t always get your own way! (Unless you are the manager of your own business).
You appear to disobey the law because you don’t feel the need to abide by such restrictions. You speaking ability is great, even controversial. You shock people with your words because they can be extreme at times. You feel at home when in charge of a group, and you are mostly likely will achieve great things.

Jupiter in the 11th house

Growth is the key with an 11th house Jupiter. You want to reach out and make a difference to the world through the means of groups, clubs and friends and through the public. You are very altruistic, and love giving gifts to others and but you always seem to receive gifts back not just through physical gifts.
You inspire people with your philosophical ways, but you also are willing to explore different ways of looking at topics, just to see which is the best way. You don’t do drama because it goes straight around you. Also, you bring a lucky charm in your dealings too. Big social groups are likely.

Saturn in the 11th house

With Saturn located in the 11th house, you excel in organisations and groups with a lot of structure and discipline. Government agencies, universities and schools which are well-regulated are a great benefit to you. Personal or custom groups are likely to stifle you because they don’t have the same levels of structure. Saturn can hinder your ability to social situations because you don’t like light, free conversations.
You prefer depth. You are likely to a handful of close friends instead of friends everywhere, but you trust these people. You a better leader than team player. Group dynamics take a long time for you to grasp. Be aware of putting people off with your attitude.

Uranus in the 11th house

Uranus is very strong here. The Uranian abilities are able to be fully expressed here, allowing you to develop light, friendly and acquaintance like relationships. You don’t accept personal vendettas or outlandish opinions of others; it breezes part you.
You really want to make a difference in the world and have the energy and zeal for change. You don’t judge people, you just want to get on and go. Also, you can make errors on occasion, but your intentions are always positive. People seem to come and go for you, but you don’t mind.

Neptune in the 11th house

Your 11th house Neptune allows you to provide sympathy, compassion and sentiment towards others. You sometimes get lost in group affairs, but you really understand the dynamics of the group because this is very subtle. You can read between the lines and find the real reason that links a person to a group, from a particular motive or drive. This means that you are likely that very chilled and calm person in the group!
People always seem to feel sorry for you or adore you for your ways. Neptune gives you a magical touch, allowing you to find faults in problems that nobody else thought of.

Pluto in the 11th house

Pluto’s investigative powers given you a serious approach to 11th house affairs. You understand the dynamics in a group; who wants to lead, who is chilled and doesn’t care and who is critical. Anyone. You will do your best to remain in a high position and always remain on your guard.
People have to pass your tests to earn your friendship because you sense they are after something beyond friendship at your detriment. Maybe your possessions or to try get one of you. Like Saturn, you have a few close and ‘hard to break’ relations with others because there is mutual trust between all. With Pluto you may find you have to ‘filter’ out a lot of people, because you’ll encounter lots of people, but only a small number of people will be worthwhile.
Like Mars, you don’t believe in governmental ways and want to change them for the greater good. Pluto’s transformative abilities can allow you to have a radical effect.

That’s all for the 11th house, I hope you all have a good read. Just remember the 11th house is universal house so it your way of interacting with the world.
One more thing, about humanitarian causes. Those with Moon, Mars or Uranus located in the 11th may feel inclined to commit to these causes and help charity, but just to make it clear that the more planets located here, the stronger your desire to do this. However, all planets will probably want to help others out in some way!


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