12th House Planets – Natal Chart

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12th House Planets in the Natal Chart

Now, we move onto planets in the 12th house. The 12th house is all about secret enemies, hidden talents and the unconscious. It has been said people with 12th house planets were denied expression of that planet because someone else oppressed them.

What could it be? Lack of courage? Confidence? Belief? The energy possessed here is unable to manifest properly. Which means you can suffer from psychological problems without being aware of them. Sometimes however, people with 12th house planets don’t even realise they do certain things.

Sun in the 12th house

With a 12th house Sun, there is a feeling of diffusion and illusion. Maybe your father was absent or a lack of chemistry between you both. Either way, you may experience a lack of vitality or ability to shine.
Perhaps you feel you must “do it alone”. You may spend time stuck in self-pity mode before realising you have the ability to do anything and even use your hidden talents! In reality, the sun always needs time to develop on its own and any help it receives from others but this is a rare instance where too much help will cloud your judgement.
The 12th house is the house of hidden talents, so if you manage to overcome the psychological battle, you will start to excel alot faster because you’ll soon realise that all is not as bad as it seems. An interest in religion or philosophy that explores greater, universal meanings in life or getting lost in the beautiful abyss of nature brings them back and satisfies this need.

Moon in the 12th house

So you have got your Moon in the 12th house. What does this mean?
It usually indicated being denied comfort and nurturing unlike the other houses. This time is it a maternal influence, where your mother may have had other priorities instead you. This leads to loneliness.
As you grow up, you’ll either conquer the emotions or fall into limbo. If the latter, you may turn to drugs to help ease your wounds and never get out of the rut, but if it’s the former, you may soon realise that everyone feels similar pain and sorrow; so the only way to overcome this pain is to love yourself and surround yourself with people who love you too. This planet takes years to develop, which can make you very spiritually aware; and you can often understand why other people feel certain ways.

Mercury in the 12th house

Why does no-one ever listen to me?
Yes that’s right, do you feel as if no-one listens? Do they actually care about you? That is true. It seems that your 12th house Mercury is often stifled by other people. Either you spoke too much as a kid or not at all, leading you to believe no-one cares so you talk about your opinions and then deny them when accussed.
You have a hidden talent of writing or speaking here, because you have had to fight for your need to speak so you can be persuase at best.

Venus in 12th house

Wait, do you feel comfortable in all areas except when you want to enjoy yourself and have fun?
Yes? Ok.
Venus in the 12th house seems to deny you the ability or knowledge of how to enjoy yourself. Maybe your parents discouraged this and as a result you feel as if having fun is bad and you must concentrate on other aspects. You often feel as other people sway you into doing activities because of your lack of knowhow. One thing though, Venus here can give you a special ability with the arts. Anything from acting to beauty; these are your best outlets.

Mars in the 12th house

Lack of assertion? Lack of aggression? Where is my will?
You may start to wonder where your anger is. Why don’t I feel it? It is possible to believe that you were taught from your parents that anger is bad and you must always gentle co-axing to get your way. Sports are good for you to channel this energy, and you have the brilliant ability to be strong willed and compassionate at the same time because of the blend of Mars in the 12th.

Jupiter in the 12th house

Do you have lots of ideas? Even vague or unproductive ideas?
This is a result of Jupiter in 12th. Your Jupiter wants to expand, break free and go for it, but as usual there is always people who will restrict you and force you to believe that growing is bad. “Don’t get carried away”, blah blah, yeah whatever. You need to be around people who will let you use your best ideas and tell you how to improve your bad ones. At best you could be a great teacher or philosopher.

Saturn in the 12th house

With Saturn located in the 12th house, you are lead to believe that you must be silent and get through problems whilst being humble. You are not allowed to be better than your parents, siblings and not allowed to be critical.
They call it self-sacrificing.
Don’t listen to them, they are talking nonsense. Those people who impose these views on you. You are born with the taskmaster in your back pocket. Use him to discipline yourself and perserve with hard work.

Uranus in the 12th house

Are you bound to your parents?
There is a possibly with a 12th house Uranus that you have a great understanding of the world, but are never allowed to use this knowledge. In your adult life, you feel finally able to make an impact, but because of past ventures, this may feel unnatural. It seems you must find a balance between pushing for change and leave people who are stuck in their established ways.

Neptune in the 12th house

Your 12th house Neptune gives you a wild imagination and compassion for others.
Often, you can really help people in needs of crisis, but when times are good; people seem to judge you for laziness or lack of trust. Neptune makes you an easy target because of your compassionate nature.
This may force you to live in solitude by yourself and even take substances to alter your mind. Uncharacteristically, you may lash out at people if you feel out of control. Do you like art? If you do, Neptune can turn you into a wonderful artist. You have a magical ability to create brillant pieces.

Pluto in the 12th house

Do you feel powerless? Do you feel as if you don’t know how to make a impact? Yeah, that’s a Pluto in 12th house placement.
You try backdoor methods of control because direct approach seems impossible for you to progress. At times, frustrated because you see other people who are easily in power and wonder why you can’t be them.
But… there is a way for you. Pluto allows you to understand subtle hints and deep meanings and motives. Detective in the making? Possibly. Also, you may act a certain way without even realising what you are doing.

That’s all for the 12th house, I hope you all have a good read. Just remember the 12th house is universal house so it your way of interacting with the world.

Wow, it has been a long time! Sorry for the long delay, I have been busy with other projects, but I will try to wrap up this series soon.

See ya!

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